There were special events marking Egyptian National Day, celebrated on July 23, 2015
Fees of 36 per cent of schools are less than AED8,000 and 15 per cent range between AED21,000 and AED30,000
Der er gode penge at hente på blandt andet champagne, cognac og dyre tasker. Foto: DAMIEN MEYER
In what is thought to be the first clinical trial of its kind, the Nestlé Research Center will examine if a specific blend of nutrients and probiotics can improve the health of mothers and babies when taken by mothers before conception and throughout pregnancy. This study is the latest...
Producenter af mærkevarer forsøger ofte at tvinge netbutikker til at kræve faste mindstepriser. Det er ulovligt, fastslår advokater. Foto:
DLF-Trifoliums populære græsblandinger, der blev solgt til sidste års fodbold-VM i Brasilien, er blevet de mest anvendte til fodboldbaner i Sydamerika. Foto:
DLF-Trifolium er en international succes og en af de virksomheder, Danmark virkeligt har brug for. Selskabet har haft held med at sælge græsfrø til fodbold- og golfbaner i forbindelse med top-events verden over. Foto:
Væksten i produktionen af lokale russiske varer er steget, siden landet boykottede varer fra Vesten. Det danske tab af eksport til Rusland kan blive permanent, lyder vurderingen. Foto: Morten Stricker
Distribution arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company reveals major expansion plan on back of UAE's change in petrol pricing policy
Food giant makes net profit of more than $115m in the three months to June 30
The volume of FDI to the Arab countries represents 6.3 per cent of the total global investment.
Value of re-exports amounted to JOD317.7 million and imports’ value declined by 13.4 per cent to hit JOD5.817bn.
Diesel prices dropped from AED2.90 to AED2.07
Aspen Institute, Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Survey Shows 86% of Respondents Want More Public-Private Cooperation.
Ready for Windows 10.
Price of diesel set to fall 29% following first monthly announcement by UAE's Ministry of Energy
Over the past year, UASC has also announced the signing of two key cooperation agreements.
Exclusive mentorship programme accredited by Fitch Learning to instil in participants the skills and confidence to guide their family businesses into the future.
Middlesex University bags top prize for bank internship, followed by University of Wollongong and Higher Colleges of Technology
“Raqi" Offers its subscribers Free Internet while Roaming in 53 Countries.
The initiative falls in line with Imdaad’s mission to build a work environment that values, supports and empowers employees of all ranks and departments
Located between Gates B7 and B8.
“Employment-localisation schemes remain a partial solution and could backfire, threatening corporate productivity”.
Drop mainly driven by lower value of resident deposits as a result of expatriates’ transfers their home countries.
“Plunge in oil prices and revenues forced GCC region’s governments to think about lifting or revisiting current massive subsidies”
Dubai property broker blames bankruptcy on worsening market conditions
Out of which, the extractive industries, including crude oil and natural gas, account for AED2.3trn
OutSystems Platform behind Dubai Courts Smart Petitions winning project
“A joint venture between Qatar-based UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC) and Spanish firm Sacyr has been awarded this contract.”
En kinesisk fabrik har produceret 41.000 falske iPhones. Politiet har anholdt ni personer. Foto: JUSTIN SULLIVAN