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Recent advances in developmental biology have opened pathways for discovery and analysis of stem cells such as embryonic stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem cell panels are designed for analysing the self-renewal and differentiation process of stem cells. The panels consist of markers to study the undifferentiated stem cells. It provides more conviction to the pluripotent, multipotent and totipotency status with the guidance of molecular markers such as the embryonic stem cells antibody panels. The panel consists of a collection of antibodies that can be identified as markers for undifferentiated embryonic stem cells. These stem cell panels allow prolonged access to analysis of different types of stem cells. Stem cell panels allow the elaborate functional analysis of stem cells.

Stem cell panel Market: Drivers and Restraint

Rapidly increasing list of chronic diseases which require novel approaches for their treatment. The need for finding a cure for Hematopoietic and genetic disorders have given rise to the growth of research in stem cells and hence expanding the stem cell panel market. Introduction of new approaches to the isolation and harvesting procedures of stem cell has led to increasing in demand of stem cell panels. The major drivers of stem cell panel market are the consolidation of health insurance firms with specialty clinics. This merger has made stem cell therapy approachable to a wide area of patients as they allow the patients to acquire stem cell therapy reimbursement. Recent advances in stem cell therapy such as stem cell-mediated suicide gene therapy for curing cancer, stem cells used as driver vehicles for oncolytic virus and so on is creating demand in the stem cell market.

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Stem cell Panel Market: Overview

The stem cell panel technologies are of key importance in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, developmental biology. It has applications in treatments of diseases such as treatment of anemia, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries. Stem cells panels will be improvising treatments in the upcoming years and hence gathering a lot of attention from Government agencies. There is an increasing demand for stem cell panels for deep-rooted analysis of human embryonic stem cell. Human pluripotent stem cells have applications in cell replacement therapy. The increasing number of syndromes, disorders all cannot be studied directly on human cells, Stem cell panels of model organisms are required .A significant part of the research and analysis is carried out using model organisms such as usage of mouse pluripotent stem cell panels. The limited liberty of manipulating the development of human’s experiments can be carried out in Stem cell panel of model organisms.

Stem cell panel Market: Regional Outlook

North America and Europe are areas in which stem cell researches are abundant. They contribute largely to Stem cell panel market. The United Kingdom has been a recognized member of Stem cell panel market. These regions can be Japan is also one of the nations involved in research of stem cells. Singapore is a known nation in Asian countries carrying out studies utilizing stem cell panels. These areas are expected to be on top of the lists for involving new technological advancements. These regions are expected to dominate the market of stem cell panel market. Middle East and Africa are also progressing towards stem cells and are participating in the Stem cell panel market.

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Stem cell panel Market: Key Players

Some of the Key players in the Stem cell Panel market include, R& D systems Inc., Thermo fisher scientific, Abcam plc. , BD Biosciences, Creative bioarray, STEM CELL technologies Inc., Evercyte GmbH, Illumina Inc., BioLegend Inc., Quest Diagnostics Inc. and others.