New Infographic Exhibits Common Venomous Spiders in Minnesota


Minneapolis, MN, 29 October 2019 — Spiders can be downright scary and disgusting! Those 8-legged wriggly hairy “things” are simply not welcomed in the home for the majority of people.

In favour of the safety of Minnesota residents, Rove Pest Control has published an infographic that exhibits some of the common venomous spiders in Minnesota. The infographic is full of interesting facts and valuable information about a variety of venomous spiders. This infographic presents all this very important information in a visually compelling manner and how to recognize if your home may be is infested with spiders.

Find out more about the Norther Widow, the Yellow Sac Spider, the Black and Yellow Garden Spider, the Wolf Spider, the Jumping Spider, Nursery Web Spider, and the Woodlouse Hunter Spider.

These are the top 7 venomous spiders found in the Minnesota region that could be making its way into your home. So stay safe, and call Rove Pest Control if you need a hand.

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