Massage Therapy: The Key to Better Sleep

Massage Therapy

Today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle and poor eating habits have led to an adverse effect on our health and lead to disturbed sleep patterns. The busy life, stress or even late-night parties often results in poor and compromised sleep that gives rise to various health problems. Sometimes, anxiety, stress, and tension due to any thought or to start early on work the next morning also make our sleep more elusive. As a sound sleep is crucial for your health and well-being, it is important that you must sleep and rest properly to keep your body and mind function properly. 

A good sleep also promotes metabolic functions and helps your body to recover from illnesses and injuries.

Thus, if you are experiencing any irregularities in your sleep pattern or unable to take proper rest, you must do something right away! For this, Massage therapy is one of the best ways to help you sleep better compared to sleeping pills that have long term side effects. If you are wondering how can massage therapy help you get better sleep, here’s the reason how: 

How can massage improve your sleep quality? 

If you think massage is just a luxury treat to your body, you are certainly wrong. Various researches and studies have shown that massage can notably improve the quality of sleep on a chemical level. The practice of massage therapy reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and also increases the neuro-hormone serotonin, which helps the body to calm and prepare the body for sleep. As more serotonin is released in the body during the massage, the better sleep you get at night. Thus, scheduling regular massage therapy every week can effectively elevate your everyday life, helping your sleep pattern improve and keeping you healthy. 

How does massage promote overall well-being? 

If you are curious to know how massage therapy can improve your overall health, it will surprise you to know that it can improve blood circulation, relax tissues, and trigger the production of serotonin. It performs wonders if you suffer from any muscle or chronic pain. The long term benefits of taking regular massage therapy include controlled blood pressure, better immunity, cured digestive disorders and treats various other conditions. Also, backed by various research, massage therapy has been recommended in many cases, especially to elderly patients, as a treatment of insomnia with mostly positive results. 

Which type of massage works well to treat insomnia? 

As there are many types of massage for treating different conditions, it is important for you to understand which type of massage would work best for you. Just like deep tissue massage goes perfectly for treating chronic pain, similarly, Swedish or Shiatsu massage is perfect to get a sound sleep and treat insomnia. This is a gentle form of massage in which the practitioner uses long strokes, deep circular movements,  kneading, and tapping to help your body relax and energize. However, you can also go for other common massage types to improve your sleep and get rid of depression, anxiety, and irritability. 

To Conclude… 

Sleeping pills and other medicines should be replaced by alternative therapies to avoid side effects and adverse effects on health. Healthcare professionals are increasingly recognizing the benefits of taking a regular massage as a natural way of boosting serotonin to improve sleep.  An experienced massage therapist can also suggest to you how often you should take massage therapy to reap the maximum benefits and ensure the overall well-being of your mind and body. A good massage backed with proper nutrition and exercise can actually work wonders & help you treat insomnia completely.