Youth Motivational Speaker Sebastian Sanders Releases 1st Book “Art of Giving: One Nonprofit Can Change The World”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 24, 2020 In Texas and Oklahoma, The Sanders Hand is a shining example of a nonprofit charity that has devoted itself to helping students, in remarkable, diverse ways. The Sanders Hand operates two active programs that service over 2,000 youth through empowerment, innovation & diversity programs, helping build the next generation of leaders. In exciting news, founder of The Sanders Hand and in-demand motivational speaker Sebastian Sanders has announced the release of his 1st book on the power of charity, titled “Art of Giving: One Nonprofit Can Change The World”. The timing of the release seems very appropriate considering the challenges both youth and the world faces today. “Together we are the change, be the change,” commented Sebastian. “My new book gives examples of how this can be done that we have shown work through our own experience. We can make the world a better place together.” According to Sanders, “Art of Giving: One Nonprofit Can Change The World” is a short introduction to both the art and the technical details surrounding “giving”, how it can be done to have the most impact. He digs deeply into how to establish a nonprofit organization, with the business structure and inspirational message that can effect deep, lasting change. All things that Sebastian has created himself with his team in The Sanders Hand, which continues to grow more influential and help more people every day. Important elements like “how and why” to give, the reality of how an organization can help literally transform lives, and much more are all explained in passionate detail. The early feedback for the book’s release has been wildly positive. Chris S., from Texas, recently said in a five-star review, “The Sanders Hand is a powerful force for change in Texas and Oklahoma. Sebastian is such a remarkable voice, to see him reveal his experiences building up such a constructive force in communities with his book ‘Art of Giving: One Nonprofit Can Change The World’ is priceless. He is doing the world a great service.” To learn more be sure to visit and Media Contact: Sanders Hand Email: ###