The World Is All Set to Make and Create Their Own Rules or Break the Established Rules with Biggiebs


(March 29, 2020) - It’s a tough time globally for most people around the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic looming upon everybody and more and more restrictions imposed upon civilians, people are finding it difficult to hold their peace of mind. In such times, any form of art becomes a strong voice to express what one is going through. Biggiebs is helping people find a unique way to create their own rules even though they are homebound. And he is doing this through his latest song titled “No Rules”.

Through this song, Biggiebs wants to tell the world that there is just one rule and that’s “No Rules”. Through this song, people can still break the rules even at home while they are going through social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine.

About Biggiebs:
Manuel Martorana or popularly known as Biggiebs is a 26-year old music producer from Milan Italy. His song “No Rules” is a bass house track that fuses rap elements in it. He is an Apple and Pioneer certified music producer who mainly produces Bass House, G-House, and Dubstep and mixes heavy sounds with these genres.

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