It’s Time to Show the World How to Find Their Source of Freedom Through Music


(March 29, 2020) - As the world is going through immense restrictions and lockdowns, it’s important to for people to discover different ways to stay entertained and motivated and find that source of freedom and liberation. And what better way to do this than through music?

Manuel Martorana, more popularly known as Biggiebs is a music producer from Milan in Italy and his newest song can give that sense of stepping out of the norm. His song titled “No Rules” is available on Spotify and other music platforms. It is a bass house track that exhibits a beautiful synergy of rap elements along with it. The song is an amazing homage to those practising social distancing, going through lockdowns, or are in quarantine because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s a way for people to experience catharsis by breaking their rules even when they are at home.

About Biggiebs:
Biggiebs is a 26-year old Apple and Pioneer certified music producer who mainly produces Bass House, G-House, and Dubstep. He mixes heavy sounds with these genres to give his unique spin to his creations. He has more than 10K followers on Instagram and connects posts teasers of his latest releases there. 

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