Open your business with Shareholder Investment Corporation

The globalization of the world’ economy moves with rapid steps, as well as the desire of many of the big holdings are looking towards conquering the new markets. And Dutch holding, Shareholder Investment Corporation is no exception. The company is experiencing strong growth and is gradually expanding its presence in virtual world. So, on November 1st, 2015 company launched a corporate website, where both existing and new shareholders will be able to buy the assets of the holding. Prior to this, assets were available for purchase to legal entities only. Now, the opportunity is open to individual clients directly on the Shareholder website.

"The shareholders receive very favorable conditions for partnership," says CEO Mr. Tahira Ledadazafimamonjy. "Buying shares Shareholder Investment Corporation, the shareholder not only gets dividends and high interest rates, but also a good extra income. We provide opportunities for the development and opening of your business," he added.

About the company

Shareholder Investment Corporation consists of 9 companies and factories, has branches all over Holland and 11 years of experience on the market. It has established networks and contacts with partners in Asia and Europe. It is constantly developing production and increasing profit.

In 2015, the company was re-registered to obtain the status of offshore business.

Enterprises of the company operate not only on the domestic market of the Netherlands, but are big exporters of metallurgy, petrochemical and shipbuilding to Europe and Asia.

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