Finally, Startups Can Make a Splash on Mainstream Media!

San Francisco, CA, September 19, 2014 - "This project was developed to serve as an all-in-one media strategy, which enable us to provide better news coverage of small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, authors, makers, crowdfunding campaigners' and this will help "get the word out about their business activities using native content," according to Hayes.

"The media has become so fractured today, that only someone with many years of media experience could help entrepreneurs put it back together. We've created something new and unique. Its one simple media publicity vehicle can handle all aspects of media exposure from free publicity in mainstream media, to social media, to native media which fits into highly targeted programming. The best part, is that it's a real workhorse which was also designed for better with journalists, bloggers, producers for more media exposure, plus its effective with distributors and angel investors for funding", he added.


'To accomplish these same things, any other way, would take thousands, or even ten of thousands of dollars, which most entrepreneurs cannot afford. So we saw the need for this small business media vehicle which we could us to provide guaranteed mainstream media placement first, and then quickly capitalize on those placements to recruit more journalists, bloggers and producers. How else can entrepreneurs compete with the big boys", Hayes asked.

Our media vehicle is built for the times, and it's composed of a one or more text press release(s) for print, plus a video news report, so we can guarantee placement on,, and, to start. Then to recruit more publicity, we distribute the press release globally and add the links to the media books we have to show others journalists why they should write a story too.

Can you visualize the positive impact of your press release with links to video stories about you on,, and All stories are designed to drive traffic to your website or landing page and everybody wins, because whether an entrepreneur or a journalist; everybody loves a good story," Hayes relayed.

'I call this common sense story selling of everyday small businesses who need the help by have neither the time or money to achieve what they need any other way," Hayes concluded.

Media Contact: Mike Hayes,, 415-781-9296,

Press Contact:
Mike Hayes
Crowd Success
San Francisco, CA