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UAE. Finesse to implement a sophisticated Business Intelligence solution using Qlik, one of the market-leading products in this field.
LEBANON. Cirrus plans to use Red Hat JBoss and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to offer its customers in the banking and finance, and insurance industries Platform-as-a-Service solutions (PaaS), as well as to design and deploy customized applications for the sectors.
UAE. EY is the only top rated consulting organization in the GCC in terms of overall value and quality of services, according to Source survey.
UAE. Mobility technology solutions are a true enabler in offering the traveler a "wow" experience in every step of their journey.
UAE. Vast majority of organisations require local IT partners to realise the productivity and performance potential of the cloud and mobile working.
UAE. According to The Boston Consulting Group, today, 7% of all FinTech companies in the Middle East and Africa are concentrated in the GCC.
UAE. Where is the real threat to our day-to-day lives from this sort of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)?
INTERNATIONAL. As it stands, the UK is subject to EU cyber security regulations that are in place to protect the transmission of data throughout the entire body of member nations.
UAE. In today's business environment within the large, medium and small enterprises there is an unprecedented growth of data.
UAE. Global cyber security leader, Paladion elevates Amit Roy to a new leadership role.