Confectionery Panning Products market Size Analytical Overview, Growth Factors, Demand and Trends Forecast to 2021


Panning is an art of framing layers on candy-based centers in a very controlled way. Generally, it is carried out in a rotating pan called dragees pan. Sugar panning means the application of a thin coat of sucrose solution to every individual tumbling center followed by evaporation of moisture so that a thin layer of crystallized sugar is formed. Confectionery panning is a generic term for the continuous application of a fat-based coating to a prepared center. There are many fat-based coatings used in the manufacture of confectionery today. These include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, yogurt coatings, chocolate-flavored compound coatings and white coatings. The confectionery industry has been representing a multibillion dollar market for the past decade and is expected to reach new levels of growth within the next few years. Rising awareness about health benefits of consuming confectioner on a daily basis, will remain a key booster to the global confectionery panning product market over the next few years.

Global Confectionery Panning Products Market: Drivers and Restraints

While developed countries represent established and thriving markets for confectionery, a shift in consumer taste preferences and rising spending on confectionery products are identified to be the major drivers of market growth, prominently in developing countries. Increasing urbanization and widespread availability of confectionery panned products will remain another key factor fueling the market for confectionery panning product globally. A few recent research findings indicate that chocolate panned confectionery consumption aids in looking younger as well as relieving stress, which is expected to further push the demand for confectionery panned product.

A sweeping range of new applications of chocolate in food and confectionary products are anticipated to escalate the demand, whereas wide acceptance of chocolate-flavored milk, drinks, bakery products, ice creams, functional foods, and liquor chocolates will sustain the demand throughout the next four years.

Global Confectionery Panning Products Market: Segmentation

The global market of confectionery panning products can be segmented on the basis of the type of center, type of coating, ratio of thickness and geography.

On the basis of the type of center, confectionery panning products can be segmented into Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Granola, and Other Unique Centers. Among these, nut center has the major share in the market.

On the basis of the type of coating, confectionery panning products market is segmented into Chocolate, Yogurt, Specialty Coating, Fat-Based, Fortified, Low/High Melt and other. The chocolate coating holds a maximum share of market compares to others due to preference by the kids.

Confectionery panning products market is further segmented on the basis of the ratio of the thickness of coating into Coating-to-Center Ratios From 10-90 to 90-10 (Light vs. Heavy). The thickness varies from product to product.

Confectionery Panning Products Market Regional Outlook

The global confectionery panned product market is segmented on the basis of geography, into key four regions viz. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world. Presence of a large number of leading international confectionery brands and higher confectionery consumption will continue to account for the top market position of North America, especially the U.S. Europe will be another major market, led by the U.K. and Germany. APAC, predominantly China and India, is however expected to emerge at the fastest rate over 2017-2027. This growth is attributed to soaring influence of the Western lifestyle and awareness about health benefits of chocolate and other confectionery. Seasonal and festive sales are likely to hold a strong foothold in developing Asian economies, such as India.

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Confectionery Panning Products Market Key Players:

With the increasing consumer demand for confectionery panning products, more and more manufactures are emerging in the global Confectionery Panning Products market and some of the key players participating in the global Confectionery Panning Products market includes; The Warrell Corporation, GEORGIA NUT COMPANY, Puratos, Dumoulin, Chr. Hansen and many other.