The Egyptian – Saudi Dar Co. For Trading and Marketing LTD. ( ESDCO) Was established by Saudi – Egyptian Capital according to the law no. 159 chapter 18 issued in 1981 . Our factories are located in 6th October city & Fayoum city (a short distance from Cairo) We are one of the most renowned

Alumisr Co. is a leader extruder of Aluminium profiles, tubes and Standard sections in Egypt. It was established in 1977, Joint venture with Reynolds U.S.A Over an area of 50 000 m2 in Wadi Houf, South of Cairo.

Balsam Trade established in 1996 as a road safety supplier & contractor using the latest innovations in all kinds of road safety products لافتات ارشادية وعلامات تحذيرية وعين قط الومنيوم

SIAC (Industrial Construction & Engineering Company) was established in 1986, to be an Egyptian private sector joint stock company, that is operating in the field of general construction contracting. Meantime, it is classified (by the Egyptian Construction Contractors Federation) as a first

Hassan Helmy & Co. is a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of window, window covering and architectural products. As a pioneer in the Egyptian market with the production of our first aluminum venetian blind in July 1948, we continue to supply all our products with the same high quality

Egyptian joint stock (Company LLC) subject to the law of investment capital& owner equity 200 million LE. The company was founded in 2011, began production in August 2015 as the youngest to produce aluminum sectors in Egypt and one production line company is a piston extrusion horizontal size 7

Jotal company was founded in 1997 in the industrial zone of Al Obour city .

AluNile was founded in Egypt in 1999 as an aluminum fabricator with a factory in 6th of October city. AluNile has a strong partnership with Alu-K Group, which is one of the leading systems designers in Italy, Europe, and the Middle East. We offer a full range of aluminum systems that includes

Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال

ALICO Egypt is the leading company in the Aluminum & Glazing industries in the Middle East, founded in 2000 as a joint venture between ALICO for Aluminum and light industries and ORASCOM Construction Industries (OCI). ALICO Egypt is an agent of schüco International-Germany and a partner with

Marina with its solid experience in security systems is proud of being the best provider of these products in Egypt.

PVC Window & Door Systems & Shutters. Colorful Extruded uPVC Profiles

MIT Was Founded more than 40 years ago as a limit liability company , in 2007 it reestablish as a Joint stock company under the name MIT. Modern Industrial Technology , with products portfolio covering a wide range of the construction industry needs, offering the best engineering solution available.

Aluvic El Nasr Company for Aluminum ALUVIC is an Egyptian share co. for aluminum profiles production working according to private sector Law 230 in year 1989 in Giza, Cairo, Egypt. ALUVIC is considered the biggest industrial collective structure in Middle East for aluminum products & processes

Whenever your main concerns are performance and quality, FRANCE METAL is the perfect choice for your openings solutions of doors, frames, windows, hardware and balcony glazing. France Metal has a complete range of door opening products, solutions and services

Aluminum fabrication Company Products Doors ,Windows, Curtain walls , security glass , structure glazings & sky lights

SAMATAL is a design practice specializing in the development, analysis and documentation of facades for modern buildings. If you are in the business of constructing curtain walls then SAMATAL's technical support will allow you to take on projects that are larger and more complex. There are many ways

Madar+ is an international company specialized in building and decoration materials. It is one of Daaboul Industrial Group companies which was founded in 1976, it is one of the pioneering companies in the Middle East to produce Aluminum Rolling Shutter. Quality at Madar+ is considered a prime

Established in the USA, Sunny Trading and Contracting, LLC was founded to invest in the buliding materials sector. The company entered the market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through Sunny Trading and Contracting Co. and Sunny Advanced Industries. With a modern factory in Badr City,

Glass Tec is pleased to provide our customers with supply and installation of all types of glass:

System Contracting was established in 2000 as a specialist company in aluminum façade’s industry. The reliance on different market system profiles either from the local market or imported from abroad, gave our clients the variety and the ability to choose the proper products in both quality and

El Agyal Company is a member of Egyptian Union for Building and Construction with a level three category and it is also a member of the Arab Contractors Union. Additionally, our company had started to expand its lines of business to include specialized construction projects including hospitals,

It is our fine way of Engineering & Design, thanks to our advanced specialized Soft wares from EmmegiSoft Italy – FP pro & facades module. Also thanks to our skilled professional Engineers & specialists. It is our fine way of designing our systems for turning & sliding frames &

● Established in 2011, Almosallamy Company is one of the top leading manufacturers and suppliers of access systems for residential homes, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and industrial facilities.

Curtain Wall – Structure glazing

Al Dawlia group of companies specialize in the painting and treatment of metals such as steel, aluminum and its accessories using an array of colors and paints. Our companies are licensed by the biggest powder suppliers in the world as an approved applicator to their products for both natural and

Smart Shutter for Security Systems is the expert in window coverings such as Roller Shutters and Roller Blinds. It is specialized in all types of motors and automation of Garage doors, Gates and window coverings.

Egypt Ladders Company for aluminum ladders and scaffolds was established in 2003. The Head office is located in Cairo City in Arab Republic of Egypt; the Factory is located in Badr City. Our products are qualified as it was manufactured of specified aluminum bars, using moderate welding process. The

T Track was founded in 2000, T Track owns the biggest PVC factory, installation in Egypt & Middle East. T Track uses Hi-tech uPVC window and door making machines and we have full range of design services.

METAFORM for manufacturing aluminum ladders, scaffolding and metal works, was founded in 1984 under the name of Just Egypt which was the daughter company for one of the largest companies in Europe this field. Now METAFORM is one of the largest Climbing Products manufacturers in the Middle East. Over

METALLIC ART In 1992 Hatem Sary built a factory which was called Metallic line, then in 2000 he changed the name into Metallic Art as he extended the product line. Hatem Sary’s goal was to make a well-known and trustable name and he succeeded in achieving this. He makes the designs by his own

window system for a consistent both inside and out side the building ( sliding - turn - turn tilt - tilt - folding ) Doors system feature all of the attributes demanded by the market today in Egypt reduction of fabrication times and increased quality ( turn - sliding - photo cell doors ) Facades (

AluTec is a prominent leader in high quality Egyptian architectural aluminum works for professionals and homeowners. Our offices are located in Alexandria and Cairo, where we operate in sync with our factory in Borg El Arab, Egypt.

HARTMANN EGYPT Co. S.A.E Company is one of the first pioneer companies in Egypt since 1977, allocated in 16,000 m2, certified and maintains quality management system according to the standard ( DIN EN ISO 9002 ) in the field of fabrication and installation of aluminum works. Today HARTMANN EGYPT Co.

Quali’metal was founded on 1994 in Cairo – Egypt as a small workshop for Aluminum fabricators. We established a new factory in the industrial area in Obour City, 20 Km. from Cairo in 2003 with 5 million investment holding on the same name Quali’metal system also we have finished a Show room with

Nile Company for Industry and Equipment was founded in 1995 in the city of Cairo for manufacturing, trade, and the installation of door and window belongings. Rolling Shutters is one of the most important divisions in our company, Introducing the Rolling Shutters to the Egyptian market was a

صناعة ورش الحداده و المستلزمات المعدنية للاثاث و الاشغال المعدنية للمعمار مثل ( الابواب – النوافذ – الاسوار – السلالم ) .تصنيع و تشكيل منتجات الفوم ( EPS ) بمختلف أنواعها من حليات و كرانيش و تجاليد و هياكل و قباب و خلافه باستخدام خط cnc لذلك .

Manufacture OF Doors And Windows

Winnet was established in 2011 in Alexandria Egypt, as a sole agent in Egypt of two of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing insect-screen profiles in Turkey and Greece, Winnet started by a small factory located in Alexandria, by 2014 we established our new branch in 6 of October city

ElZaabalawy Complex for Ferforge was established y the Pioneer Man in Ferforge Mr. Amin Sayed Ahmed ElZaabalawy in 1994 . By this successful Man , he was considered to be the first man in Egypt and in the middle east5 to enter this concept and to develop the European ideas and try to redesign it

Installation of all sectors of aluminum, metals and accessories تركيب جميع قطاعات الومنيوم والمعادن واكسسوراتها

تصنيع وتشغيل معادن للاعمال الكهربائية

مواسير ستائر معدنية الوان واقطار مختلفة

Manufacture of doors and windows for wicker buildings, handles, hinges, koelins, salons, wrenches, candlesticks, metal jacks صناعة ابواب وشبابيك للمبانى واكر ومقابض ومفصلات و كوالين وسلندرات ونجف وشمعدان واباجورات معدنية

Manufacturing all kinds of curtains, ceilings, coverings & accessorie صناعة جميع انواع الستائر والاسقف والتغطية واكسسوراتها

Aluminum profiles and aluminum accessories قطاعات الومنيوم واكسسورات الومينوم وتصنيع اسطمبات وخط دهان اليكتروستاتيك وخشمنيوم

Steel and Wood for raised floor & Metal for mate صناعة ابواب وشبابيك وسلالم وللارضيات المرتفعة

أبواب وشبابيك حديد

أبواب وشبابيك الوميتال وحماية كريتال

Metal Works اعمال جمالونات معدنية واعمال كريتال وابواب وشبابيك

manufacute of Architectural Aluminium تصنيع وتركيب أعمال الألوميتال انتاج ابواب وشبابيك الومتيال

A company specializing in all acts of aluminum doors and windows, as we manufacturers and producers of all types of insect screen of roll up and Plissés, producers also Shish Louvre as our line of machines for rolling sectors of all kinds of profiles

Manufacturing of metal profiles, doors, windows, crest and tempered glass صناعة جمالونات معدنية وابواب وشبابيك كريتال وصاج معرج

اعمال الكريتال أبواب وشبابيك واسوار كريتال وانشاءات معدنية ومطابخ الومنيوم

Manufacture of PVC doors and windows صناعة ابواب وشبابيك من PVC

Stainless steel doors & windows اعمال استنلس ستيل أبواب وشبابيك

أبواب وشبابيك واكسسورات مبانى

Manufacture and coating of doors and windows of aluminum and kitchens and metal furniture صناعة وطلاء ابواب وشبابيك من الالومنيوم ومطابخ واثاثات معدنية

اعمال كريتال متنوعة واعمال الوميتال وتشكيل صاج

صناعة ابواب وشبابيك ومطابخ وتندات معدنية

Manufacturing of doors, windows, alumetal kitchens and various electric LED lights صناعة ابواب وشبابيك ومطابخ الوميتال وكشافات LED كهربائية متنوعة

أبواب وشبابيك ومطابخ

S/s sheet metal forming,S/s kitchen equipment for hotels ,S/s equipment for medical & medicine factories & laboratorial صناعة الصاج المعرج وحوائط واسقف وابواب وشبابيك ومهمات المطابخ وتجهيزات المطابخ والفنادق والقرى السياحية

This factory considered as the biggest distributors for galvanized iron sheets and hot iron sheets in Egypt and an authorized distributor for El-Dikheila company and this factory characterized by the existence of production lines to form the raw materia

ستائر معدنية

Aluminum Household Stuff Manufacturing واجهات وابواب وشبابيك ومطابخ من الالومنيوم

أبواب وشبابيك الومتيال ومطابخ الوميتال

مقاولات تركيب حديد والومنيوم

أبواب وشبابيك

صناعة مشغولات حديدية وابواب حديد ولوازم السفن من الحديد خراطة وفريزة ودرفلة معادن

صناعة ابواب وشبابيك

صناعة ابواب وشبابيك من الالوميتال الملون

صناعة أبواب وشبابيك كريتال والومنيوم

Manufacturing & Distributing The Aluminum قطاعات الومنيوم واكسسورات ومستلزمات الالومينوم

صناعة جمالونات وابواب وشبابيك حديد وحوامل تكييف

صناعة ابواب وشبابيك ومطابخ

أبواب وشبابيك وواجهات ومطابخ وكراسى وتنكات ودهانات

Aluminium extruded profiles for architectural and industrial applications production صناعة قطاعات الومنيوم للاغراض المعمارية والاثاثات ولوازم السيارات والادوات المنزلية

Formation of aluminum metal تشكيل معادن من الألومنيوم

صناعة جمالونات وابواب وشبابيك

حداده ولحام انتاج أبواب وشبابيك

Manufacture aluminum windows and related items صناعة ابواب وشبابيك الومنيوم ومستلزماتها

صناعة ابواب كريتال وحداد شبابيك حماية وترابيزات وكراسى وتشكيلات معمارية

تصنيع ابواب وشبابيك الوميتال وكبوستات من الاستانلس ستيل ومطابخ واسقف معلقة

Manufacturing of kitchens, doors and windows صناعة مطابخ و ابواب وشبابيك الومتيال

أبواب وشبابيك الوميتال وستائر وشيش حصير

تشكيل وتشغيل معادن انتاج ابواب وشبابيك واسوار حديد وبوبات وكراسى وترابيزات وترابيزات كمبيوتر وشبابيك حديد ضد السرقة

تصنيع باب وشباك من الكريتال وتصنيع تترات حديدية

Cricket doors and windows أبواب وشبابيك كريتال

ابواب و شبابيك الوميتال

أبواب وشبابيك وسلالم من الكريتال والحديد

manufacture of alumital doors windows kitchens اعمال الالوميتال أبواب وشبابيك مطبخ واجهات قواميع الومينيوم

manufacture of door amd window and metal ladders اسوار و ابواب و شبابيك و سلالم حديدية و اى منتجات معدنية او حديدية اخرى

manufacture of cretial Doors and windows تصنيع باب و شباك كريتال

manufacture of alumital Door, window and kitchen ابواب وشبابيك و مطبخ الوميتال

manufacture of iron Doors and windows, welding works for others ابواب وشبابيك حديد , اعمال لحام للغير

maufacture of Aluminum doors and windows ابواب و شبابيك الومنيوم

Metal machining and automatic doors تشغيل معادن وابواب اوتوماتيكية

Carpentry industry, doors & windows, fences & lathing, metalworking & ironwork, forforgia & manufacture of metal gems صناعة اعمال الكريتال ابواب وشبابيك واسوار وخراطة وتشغيل المعادن وحديد مشغولات فورفورجيه وتصنيع جمالونات معدنية

تصنيع ابواب و شبابيك الومنيوم

Manufacturing wood & aluminum doors & windows & alumetal works تصنيع ابواب و شبابيك خشب و المونيوم و اعمال الوميتال

تصنيع ابواب وشبابيك الوميتال

تصنيع ابواب وشبابيك الوميتال

Manufacturing of alumetal doors and windows, facades and sections of the emergence of kitchens تصنيع الوميتال باب و شباك واجهات و قواطيع بروز مطابخ

ابواب و شبابيك معدنية وحوائط فاصلة سابقة التجهيز

انتاج شبابيك و ابواب كريتال

Kitchens Doors & Windows المطابخ ابواب وشبابيك

Shaheen Mats اعمال شيش الحصيرة

Armored Doors: Steel Doors Covered With Wood Samples of the other Doors Banks Armored Rooms Steel Doors Covered With Wood SteelDoors Inlaid With Wood SteelDoors Laser Engraving SteelDoors Automatic Metal Doors for Laboratories & Industrial
Armored Windows : Armoured windows Armoured Partations Armored Glass Doors
Safes : Safes & Metal Storage Units
Armored Trucks : B2 Armored Cars B6 Armored Cars & B8
ATM& Mobile Bank : ATM & Mobile Bank Trucks MOBILE BANK INTERIOR
Road Blockers
Electric power tank
-Doors and Windows - Kitchens - Interfaces - Clothes Rooms
Hassan Helmy & Co. and HD offer a wide range of ceiling solutions allowing architects to explore innovative designs with a wide variety of materials. HD ceiling systems have been used in some of the most sophisticated projects in the world. With over 40 years of experience HD are still industry
CROCI rolling shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads of up-to 150 mph. Push button control with a Somfy RTS hand-held transmitter will deploy your shutters in seconds. When down -  shutters create a physical barrier against high winds as well as intruders. Using
From the classic to the modern, blinds offer privacy, a reduction in light and a fashionable design element to every space. Our Window Covering products come under the general term solar shading, which basically means that they allow for control of the amount of heat and light entering the desired
Our strategy is based on continuously searching for innovative systems tailored to our clients needs. At the same time our focus is on keeping ahead of the competition in both technical and functional parameters. We continuously strive on providing the highest performance rating against air, water,
- Tables - Chairs - Lightining Pillars - Tableau -Semi-Lantern - Consoles - Gates - Windows - Handrills - Bed Rooms - lighting chandeller - Appliques - Grill - holders - Living Rooms - consoles - Heaters - swingers - lanterns - Flower pots - Bolvernera
Automated Gates Swing Gates A swing is a hanging seat, usually found at playgrounds for children, a circus for acrobats, or on a porch for relaxing. The seat of a swing may be Sliding Gates In Sliding Gate, a Sliding Gate Motors SOMFY
-Electric Curtains - Roman Blinds Roman shades are a type of window blind used to block out the sun. Often referred to as Romans or Roman
-Zebra Blinds Zebras are several species of African equids (horse family) united by their distinctive black and white stripes. Their stripes come in different patterns, unique…
Not Available
-Manual Shutters These Shutters have the feature of being operated manually with Crank – handles or Straps. -Motorize your shutters SIMU can provide you with a wide range of motors that can be adapted to different kinds of blinds, even…
Benefits: – More Privacy – Extra Shade – Adds Value – Looks Great – Cooler in Summer – Warmer in Winter…
MIT Offers the Best engineering solutions covering the below range -Aluminum Folding Doors Systems. -Aluminum Windows and Doors. -Aluminum Facades -Office Partitions -HPL Toilets Partitions -Frameless Glass Systems
Products Road signs, traffic signals, road marking( Thermoplastic and cold paint) , road studs and cameras لافتات ارشادية وعلامات تحذيرية وعين قط الومنيوم
Skylight Accessories
-Windows -Curtain walls -Doors -Handrails  
-Doors -Fences -Furniture -Handrails -Kitchens -Lighting Units -Windows
PS NC Kitchen
Electro Static Powder Painting
Curved Aluminuim
Sliding Window & Door
Sliding Window & Door
Twisted Aluminium
Twisted Aluminium
Aluminium Mixed Wood
Cartain Walls and Structure Glass System
Hinged and Pivoted
Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال
Magnesium Oxide Boards, Why use them? Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards are a new technology for construction applications. MgO boards could be used to construct walls, both inside as partitions and outside as exterior sheathing. Mgo boards could also be used as ceiling where the boards are installed on
-Curtain Wall & Skylights
-Manufacturing Services : We provide fully manufactured Plisse insect screens Untitled-12
PVC Window & Door Systems & Shutters. Colorful Extruded uPVC Profiles
Single Ladder -Double link Ladder -2 Section robe operated -3 section robe operated -Step Ladder Double wide steps Ladder - Double side Ladder -2 Section compination Ladder -Section compination Ladder -3Section compination Ladder 2 Section compination Ladder -3 Section compination Ladder -Wide steps
- Rolling Shutters - Boxes for Rolling Shutters - ALuminium Sections - Motors - Manual Lifting - Accessories - Assembled rolling shutter box
Metaform - Industrial Aluminum Ladders (Class 1) - Professional Aluminum Ladders (EN 131) - Fiberglass Ladders - Aluminum Step Ladders - Household Ladders - Aluminum Scaffolding - Work Platform - Permanent Cage Ladders - Spiral Staircase - Swimming Pool Ladders - Professional Garden Ladders -
window system for a consistent both inside and out side the building ( sliding - turn - turn tilt - tilt - folding )
Curtain Wall Structure Glazing Systems Rolling Shutters Space frames Skylights Aluminum Doors & Windows
-This TP 52 façade is a traditional system, also known as the Stick system. The fixing of the glazing to the supporting profiles is carried out by way of a continuous pressure profile screwed externally to a screw Port incorporated in the mullions and transoms. The glazing remains fixed at its 4
Volcano systems was studied and designed by ALCEO France using the latest technology for manufacturing operation. This system is in conformance with French European standards.
The Poliedra-Sky system is part of the evolutionary process of METRA building systems, enabling the design and fabrication of curtain walls or aluminum frameworks (in combination with glass, stone, and composite materials) of different shapes and dimensions, offering a wide range of functional and
3d - Basic Colors - Antek Colors - Wood Colors
Skylight - Revolving Doors - Partitions
Standard Sections - Hinged Systems - Sliding Systems - Furniture Systems - Accessories Profiles - Decoration Sections - Ballustrade Sections - Corrugated Sections - Transportation Sections
THE BALCONY - the best place at home In our homes there are few places that can be as versatile, and offer as many possibilities as a balcony, which can quickly become the pride and joy for many homeowners with a balcony glass system. The sky is the limit when we consider the exciting range of
France Metal is an authorized distributor of ASSA ABLOY Brands
France Metal offers a complete range of standard hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 18 to 14 (1.25 mm to 2 mm). France Metal has variety of core choices including honeycomb, polyurethane foam and temperature rise cores. The Fuego Temperature Rise doors offer the maximum in fire and
Aluminum Office Partitions
Strength and Beauty
High protection against theft and burglary
-Aluminum Doors and Windows are great when made of Aluminum for various purposes such as homes, shops, bathrooms, garages, etc. As a great alternative to traditional wooden doors, Aluminum offer durability, waterproofing, great look, and best insulation.
-Glass works - Aluminum works - Automatic Doors - Shutter
Structure Glazing Curtain Wall - Conventional Curtain Wall - Sky Lights - Spider System Curtain wall - sliding System - Hinged systems - Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding - Aluminum Louvers - Aluminum Handrails - Glass Handrail - Automatic Doors (Sliding & Revolving) - Wall partiton .
Hinged, Projected, Pivot,Tilt & Turn Opening doors and windows systems . We offer one of the most comprehensive and flexible aluminium door and window systems available today. Each system features a variety of safety and security options and provides flexibility in design and style which
Sliding windows and door systems Windows and doors can be designed with horizontal sliders. The sliding series provides space saving, a wide range of products to choose from with a multitude of colours and finishes, different interior and exterior colours and compatibility with any type of glass
Curtain Wall systems developed to create impressive yet practical facades, provide designers and architects with the flexibility to create innovative and versatile solutions. Designed for the largest diversity of structures possible, from new or refurnished buildings, to low or high rise commercial
Almosallamy is one of the top leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributers of access systems for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.