The company was established in 1958 and started production in 1961 using rice straw material to produce pulp, paper, printing and duplex manufacturing Production and manufacture of writing paper, printing and duplex carton with high quality duplexes

The Company was established in November 1978 in the form of individual partnership Company only to convert paper in Alexandria . In 1989 the Company established a tissue paper mill in Borg El Arab El Guedeeda city and transferred all its activities there .

Carmen Tissues was established as a family business, since 1974. Carmen is one of the first companies in Egypt to produce hygienic tissue paper. During the last quarter of year 2007, Amoun Holdings Co. acquired Carmen Tissues as a business diversification activity and became Carmen Tissues, SAE.

Company’s objectives:-

Cellopack is engaged in different activities spread over three manufacturing facilities including our sister company Entrasco with a total work force of around 400 employees. Our company is empowered with a dynamic team of technical, commercial and marketing professionals, who have wide experience

Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E is a leading producer, converter, and exporter of tissue paper in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and many other countries in Europe. We are the leaders of tissue manufacturing in the Egyptian market and we have been distinguished as number one choice of the

National Bag Company (NBC) is an Egyptian Joint Venture organization; established since 1997 and located in 6th of October city, Egypt.

To our valued clients & colleagues:

About The Company

صناديق كرتون مضلع (مطبوع ـ سادة)

حفاضات أطفال وكبار السن ـ مناديل ورق صحى ـ فوط صحية نسائية Baby diapers and the elderly- Wipes for sanitary paper- Sanitary napkins for women

KEFAC will be the customer preferred protective packaging solutions and machinary supplier in the years to come, through speedy innovations continuous improvement in Quality and processes, strategic partnerships and unmatched customer services. KEFAC is a team of dedicated individuals who share

About The Community

Egyptsack Company (EGS) is an Egyptian Joint Venture organization, established since 1997, located in 6th of October City and is considered as one of the leading companies in producing kraft paper bags used in the packing of Cement, Gypsum, Building materials, DryMix, Calcium Carbonate, loam,

Mediterranean Tissue Mill was established in 2007 as an Egyptian joint stock company, a leading manufacturer of tissue paper in the Arab world, and in 2009 we started our regular production for 100% Virgin Pulp tissue paper.

Primapack is a privately funded Egyptian company established in 1985. With over 25 years of experience, Primapack has earned a solid reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing. Our expertise includes designing and manufacturing moulded paper products, pulp moulding machines &

Maamoura Paper Company was established in 1993 in Alexandria, Egypt.

About the company

First Co For Industrial Development S.A.E

Unibrasal for Self Adhesive Products - Unipack ( Currently Universal Packaging and Paper Manufacturing Company - Unipack ) in 1980 * The factory started in the city of the tenth of Ramadan actual production in 1986, The purpose of the establishment of the factory is to produce self-adhesive products

أدوات كتابية ومكتبية ـ مستلزمات المطابع والكمبيوتر ـ أدوات التجليد والتغليف من المواد البلاستيك

الورق الصحى بأنواعه (مناديل جيب ـ ورق تواليت ـ فوط صحية نسائية ـ حفاضات أطفال ـ مناشف للوجه)

أكواب وأوعية وأغطية وأطباق ورقية Cups, containers, covers and paper dishes About ICPacks is an Egyptian joint stock company specialized in the packing and packaging solutions. We are located in badr industrial Area.

صناديق كرتون مضلع ـ أقماع الغزل الكرتونية ـ أكياس ولفات بولى إثيلين ـ بوليستر ـ مطبوعات من الورق و السيلوفان والبولى بروبيلين ـ رقائق الألومنيوم المبطن بالورق ـ منتجات تحويل الورق من ورق الطباعة الفاخر الكرومو و الكوشيه ـ ورق مصمغ ـ تذاكر ـ أكياس ورق

كرتون فى صورة أفرخ أبيض و رمادى و ألوان من 250 جرام الى 600 جرام للتعبئة و التغليف. Cardboard in the form of white and gray sheets and colors from 250 grams to 600 grams for packaging and packaging.

كرتون متعدد الطبقات Multilayer cardboard


ورق اللينر ـ ورق الفلوتنج Paper Liner Fluting Paper

مناديل ورقية ـ ورق صحى Wipes, paper, sanitary paper

الكرتون الرمادى بكافة أحجامه ومقاساته Gray carton of all sizes and sizes

أكياس من ورق كرافت لتعبئة مواد البناء مثل الأسمنت والجبس ـ أكياس وشنط بلاستيك ـ تصنيع كيس ورقى متعدد الطبقات غير مبطن ومبطن بلاستيك Bags of kraft paper for packing construction materials such as cement and gypsum bags and plastic bags making multi-layered paper bag non-padded and padded plastic

لب ورق مبيض ـ ورق كتابة و ورق طباعة ـ لب الباجاس المبيض وغير المبيض Pulp paper pulp Writing paper and paper Printing Pegas bleach and non-bleached pulp

تصنيع ورق حساس للضغط (سادة ومطبوع) ـ أشرطة ذاتية اللصق (تجهيز وتغرية وتقطيع) Manufacture of pressure sensitive paper (pad and printed) Self-adhesive tapes (processing, twisting and cutting)

جميع أنواع منتجات الكرتون المضلع (صناديق ـ ألواح ـ عبوات ـ تغليف) All kinds of corrugated cardboard products (packaging boxes, packaging boxes)

ورق كرتون رمادى ـ كرتون ورق مقوى ومضلع Gray Cardboard Paper -Cardboard Cardboard and Corrugated

ورق فلوتنج (سوبر و عادى) ـ ورق كرافت لينر ـ ورق التست لينر ـ دوبلكس ـ دوبلكس معالج Flotting Paper (Super & Normal) Kraft Liner Paper Tester Liner Duplex Duplex Processor

كرتون دوبلكس مغطى وغير مغطى ـ ورق دوبلكس ـ تحويل الورق - ورق وكرتون بجميع أنواعه Duplex cardboard covered and unfinished Duplex paper Converting paper - paper and cardboard of all kinds

أفرخ كرتون مصقول Polished cardboard sheets

تصنيع الأكياس الورقية بكافة الاشكال والمقاسات Manufacturing paper bags of all shapes and sizes

كرتون مضلع ـ علب وعبوات كرتون Cardboard boxes and cartons

ورق فلوتنج ـ ورق كرافت ـ ورق كرافت لينر ـ كرتون أبيض Fluting Paper Kraft Paper Kraft Paper Liner White Cardboard

أفرخ ورق طباعة مقاسات مختلفة ـ قص وتحويل الورق لجميع المقاسات Paper Sizes Printing Sizes Cut and transfer paper for all sizes

صناديق كرتون مضلع ـ منتجات ورقية Cardboard boxes ribbed paper products

تصنيع كرتون مضلع Manufacturing ribbed cardboard

ورق كرافت وفلوتنج ـ كرتون رمادى Kraft paper and fluting cardboard gray

منتجات ورقية للنظافة الشخصية (حفاضات أطفال ـ فوط صحية نسائية ـ مناديل ورقية ـ بكر تواليت ـ ورق صحى) Paper, sanitary products (diapers, sanitary napkins, for women, tissue paper, toilet paper, sanitary paper)

ورق كرافت وفلوتنج Kraft paper and fluting

ورق الكرتون ومواد التعبئة والتغليف Cardboard paper and packaging materials

ورق كرافت ـ ورق فلوتنج Kraft paper Flotting paper

عبوات كرتونية ـ عبوات ورقية ـ عبوات بلاستيكية Cartons, paper packaging, plastic packaging

مواسير كرتون لصناعات الغزل والنسيج ـ كور كرتون لصناعات الورق والبلاستيك ـ الكون الكرتون (أقماع كرتون) لصناعات الغزول بجميع أنواعها ـ زوايا الحماية الكرتونية المستخدمة لحماية عبوات و كراتين تعبئة الخضروات والفاكهة والأجهزة الكهربائية والمنزلية

صناديق وقواعد كرتون مضلع ـ ورق كرافت ودوبلكس ـ مواد تعبئة وتغليف Boxes and crates, polypropylene, kraft paper and duplex materials

ورق طباعة مقاسات ـ ورق تصوير مقاسات Printing Paper Sizes, Paper Sizes

بكر ورق تواليت ـ رولات مطبخ ـ مناشف ورقية ـ فوط سفرة ورقية ـ كوستر ـ مناديل علب Bakr Toilet Paper Rolls Kitchen Paper Towels Towel Paper Tray Coaster Tissue Box

تحويل الورق ـ ورق دوبلكس ـ كرتون مضلع ـ كرتون رمادى Converting Paper Duplex Paper Corrugated Carton Gray Cardboard

صناديق كرتون لتعبئة الخضروات والفاكهة ـ بالتات من الكرتون المضلع ـ زوايا من الكرتون المضلع لحماية المنتجات Cardboard boxes for packing vegetables and fruits Baltat corrugated carton angles of corrugated cardboard to protect products

علب كرتون ـ كرتون مضلع Cardboard boxes- Corrugated cardboard

صناديق كرتون مضلع ـ صناديق كرتون مضلع لتعبئة الأجهزة المعمرة والتليفزيونات ـ علب كرتون أبيض لتعبئة الأدوية ـ علب دوبلكس رمادى لتعبئة المواد الغذائية ـ عبوات دوبلكس رمادى لتعبئة المنظفات الصناعية

صناديق كرتون مضلع ـ علب دوبلكس ـ عبوات كرتونية بجميع أنواعها Corrugated cardboard boxes- Duplex boxes- Cartons of all kinds

صناديق كرتون مضلع Corrugated cardboard boxes

أكياس وشكائر من ورق الكرافت لتعبئة الأسمنت والجبس ومواد البناء Bags and sacks of kraft paper for packing cement, gypsum and building materials

صناديق كرتون مضلع Corrugated cardboard boxes

قص وتجهيز ورق تواليت (ورق صحى) ـ مناديل ورقية ـ فوط ورقية للمائدة Cutting and preparing toilet paper (sanitary paper) paper towels and paper towels for table

تصنيع مواد التعبئة و التغليف (علب دوبلكس) ـ صناديق كرتون دوبلكس Manufacturing of packing materials (duplex boxes) Duplex cartons

حفاضات (أطفال ـ كبار السن) ـ فوط صحية نسائية ، سفرة ، مطبخ "بكر مطبخ" ـ بكر (تواليت ، مناشف ورقية) ـ مناديل علب ـ مفارش ورقية للمائدة ـ رولات (ألومنيوم ـ كلينج فيلم بلاستيك)

ورق كرتون رمادى Gray Cardboard Paper

أكواب ورقية مطبوعة مقاسات مختلفة Printed paper cups in different sizes

تصنيع كرتون مضلع Manufacture of ribbed cardboard

صناديق كرتون مضلع مطبوعة Printed polygon cartons

تصنيع علب وصناديق كرتون مطبوعة Manufacture of printed carton boxes and boxes

حفاضات أطفال ـ فوط صحية نسائية Baby diapers -Sanitary napkins for women

حفاضات أطفال ـ فوط صحية نسائية ـ حفاضات كبار السن ـ تصنيع جميع انواع المناديل الورقية ـ تصنيع جميع أنواع المواد غير المنسوجة Diapers Baby Napkins Sanitary Napkins for Women Elderly Diapers Manufacturing all kinds of paper napkins Manufacture of all kinds of non-woven materials

حفاضات أطفال ـ مناديل علب ـ مناديل جيب ـ بكر تواليت ـ فوط سفرة Baby Wipes Baby Wipes Baby Tissue Wipes

حفاضات أطفال ـ مناديل علب ـ مناديل جيب ـ بكر تواليت ـ فوط سفرة Baby Wipes Baby Wipes Baby Tissue Wipes

ورق كرتون رمادى ثقيل ـ علب كرتون سادة ـ علب كرتون مضلع Heavy gray cardboard paper- Cardboard boxes- Corrugated cartons

عبوات كرتون إسطوانية حلزونية Cardboard Cylinders

إنتاج أطباق بيض كرتونية Production of carton egg dishes

فرم تفصيل وتكسير ألواح الكرتون (تدوير) ـ إنتاج علب كرتون ـ تصنيع الاسطمبات Cutting and cutting of cardboard boards (recycling)

عبوات كرتون مضلع ـ بالتات خشبية Cardboard boxes with wooden pallets

رولات ورق كرافت وفلوتنج - كرتون مضلع Kraft paper rolls and fluting - ribbed cardboard

مواسير كرتون حلزونية ـ صناديق كرتون مضلع Corrugated Cartons

تصنيع وتجهيز الورق والكرتون ومواد الطباعة والدعاية والتغليف Manufacturing and processing paper, cardboard, printing materials, advertising and packaging

طلاء الورق بمادة يوفى ـ مواسير كرتون ـ قص ورق بولى يوبلين ألومنيوم ـ شريط لاصق Paint the paper with a substance- Cardboard Pipes- Polypropylene Yoplane Paper Cut- Adhesive tape

طباعة مطبوعات وتغليفها (علب أدوية ـ علب كرتون ـ علب لمبات الكهرباء ـ مطبوعات تجارية ......) Printing & Packaging (Cartons, Boxes & Boxes)

لب ورق ـ إضافات لصناعة الورق ـ إنتاج سليولوز بللورى (مادة مالئة للأدوية) ـ إنتاج مركزات أعلاف ـ إنتاج محسن للمنتجات المطاطية ومانع للأكسدة ـ جمع ونقل المخلفات وتدويرها ـ بوليمرات ـ وقود حيوى صلب (منتج ثانوى).

مناديل ورق صحى بجميع أنواعها Wipes of all kinds

صناديق كرتون مضلع سادة ومطبوعة Corrugated cardboard boxes printed and printed

صناديق كرتون مضلع Corrugated cardboard boxes

زوايا كرتون ـ تصنيع كرتون عش النحل Carton corners

تصنيع منتجات ورقية ـ كرتون مضلع Manufacture of ribbed cardboard paper products

صناديق كرتون مضلع ـ حصيرة كرتون مضلع ـ علب كرتون Corrugated cardboard boxes

تصنيع مناديل مبللة معطرة من قماش غير منسوج. Manufacture of wet wipes of non-woven cloth.

تصنيع كرتون مضلع و منتجاته Manufacturing ribbed cardboard and its products

تصنيع وتجميع وتعبئة وتغليف المنتجات الورقية والحفاضات والمناديل المبللة (وندى) والورقيات بكافة أنواعها والفوط الصحية ومستحضرات التجميل ـ ورق الفويل. Manufacturing, packaging, packaging, paper products, diapers, wet napkins, all kinds of paper, sanitary towels & cosmetics.

تصنيع أكواب كرتون (مطبوع وغير مطبوع) ـ اطباق كرتون للتقديم ـ أدوات مائدة ومنزلية من البلاستيك Manufacture of cardboard cups (printed and not printed), cardboard, for serving plastic and tableware

ورق كرافت ـ ورق فلوتنج ـ ورق مانيلا ـ كرتون دوبلكس Paper kraft paper fluting paper manila cardboard duplex

فواحات ـ كروت معطرة ـ مناديل مبللة Scented wipes with wet wipes

فوط صحية نسائية ـ مناديل ورقية مبللة ـ حفاضات ـ ورق صحى Sanitary napkins for women, wet paper towels, diapers, sanitary paper

تصنيع ورق مكربن ذاتى ـ تصنيع ورق ذاتى اللصق ـ قص وتجهيز الورق Self-adhesive paper manufacturing, self-adhesive paper cutting and paper processing

حفاضات أطفال ـ فوط صحية نسائية Baby diapers- Sanitary napkins for women

كرتون مضلع Corrugated cardboard

ورق التصوير ـ الكراس والكشكول ـ كشكول السلك اللولبى ـ الورق المسطر ـ ورق الكتابة Photographic paper Booklet and kashkool

Valve Pasted sacks (Multiplayer sack) Construction: Flat sacks from Stepped end tubes (Self Sealing sacks)
In addition to offering our staple products such as egg trays, egg cartons, kidney dishes, melon trays and edge protectors we can also custom design molded pulp paper packaging for a comprehensive range of products and industries. Based on your designs and specifications, we will work with you to
Our high productivity line of angle board edge protectors are essential for protecting the edges of your products for both transit and storage. Our angle boards can be produced according to customer specifications in material and dimensions
Kidney Dishes are kidney-shaped bowls used in medical and surgical wards to receive soiled dressings and other medical waste. The disposable molded pulp kidney dish is replacing the stainless steel dish because one-use-only products can decrease cross-communication of disease. Ideal solution for any
Moulded pulp fruit packaging trays (sometimes called paper fruit trays) offer superior cushioning properties supplied to you flat, thus reducing transportation and storage. We currently offer Melon Trays from 4 to 15 melons. We can aslo custom design for any kind of fruit or vegetable
Cup carriers, (also known as drink carriers, beverage carriers or cup holders), is a device used to carry multiple filled beverage cups at the same time. We produce these from molded paper pulp, which is moisture-resistant and is built to securely and safely hold your standard size hot or cold
he ever increasing popularity of molded pulp packaging for eggs throughout the world comes as no surprise as it provides optimal protection throughout the supply chain. Strong, yet soft enough to protect eggs against breakage during transport or storage, the material is breathable, and prevents loss
Self-Adhesive Label Being a customer driven organization, every produced label is custom made to the clients’ requirements with full attention given to every single detail. With the availability of our in-house design studio for color separation and plate making equipment, Cellopack can beat down
Cellopack is Egypt's leading producer of High Performance and a wide range of cores for different applications. Your application is our challenge, and all clients can depend on Cellopack for their needs of Cores. • Our production range of Cores includes Cores from 1 inch diameter and up to 6 inch
Flexible Packaging is the latest packaging category that Cellopack ventured into and is steadily developing and growing in providing printed packaging materials to the food and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in printed and converted Chromo paper for:
Being the market leader in packaging tapes, all customers’ carton sealing needs can be fulfilled through Cellopack’s extensive range of Packaging Tapes specifically low to heavy duty carton sealing tape range including:
Using specialized and dedicated machinery, OPP Packaging Tapes are printed up to three colors using flexographic printing on Clear, Brown, White and colored tapes for product / brand identification, differentiation, and anti-counterfeighting. With an in-house design studio for color separation and
Cellopack’s Deer Brand is an Egyptian registered trade mark for PVC Electrical Insulating Tape known for its excellent properties in resisting high voltage, high temperature and flame retardance , which made it win the widest market share in the domestic market, offered in standard sizes.
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Folding boxboard boxes used for consumer goods Display Boxes
Wall Calendars Desk Calendars Diaries Weekly Agendas Daily Agendas Block Calendars
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KEFAC Protective Packaging
KEFAC HoneyComb Honeycomb is a strong structured, cost-effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material . Honeycomb is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together intro a series of continuous hexagonal cells.
Pneumatic Components:
Hydraulic & Pneu. Engineering:
Test Liner Paper. Kraft Paper Packaging. Duplex cardboard (Neil 2). Craft Liner. Manila. Duplex color. . Duplex Nile distinctive.  High quality and high quality printing and printing paper. Duplex carton of high quality and conform to international standards.
1-Tissue Paper Mill.
Our individually 2 ply tissue roll with attractive embossing is made of superior grads pure and natural pulp. Exeptional brightness and absorbancy. Ideal for office, hotels, restaurants and more.
Definitely the premium. Soft, Silky, Strong, Porous. Carmen’s stylishly designed boxes contain the highest grade tissues. Intermingles with the most elegantly furnished atmosphere.
Absolutely the best choice. With the newly presented size, you get the perfect smoothiest facial tissue box for the available space.
Extremely Smart. Made of pure and natural pulp. Our 2 ply pop-up Smart Pack delivers Premium quality with outstanding value in a smaller pack. The newly presented stylishly designed soft packs contain the premier grade tissues. Great on the go or in tight places.
Soft ideal performance combined with attractive packing and easy maintenance. Made of pure and natural pulp has minimal impact on envinoment. Ideal for home, office, hotels and restaurants. Available Options: Table Napkin: Printed 1 color Table Napkin: Printed 2 colors
Take it everywhere. Very handy and ideal size. The smoothness of our scented 3 ply white tissues is perfect for your instant sanitation necessities. Check the different designs of Carmen's Standard Pocket Tissue Handkerchief.
-Kitchen Products -Toilet Products -Pocket Products -Facial Products -Napkin Products
Unconverted Products :
In the local market, QPIC ’ s Paper are always acquired by the most modern and biggest Presses as a replacement to the imported Papers.
Construction: Flat sacks from Stepped end tubes (Self Sealing sacks) Usage: cement, gypsum, mortar, dry mix & building materials.
Construction: Flat sacks from Flush Cut tubes with sewing from the bottom. Usage: crops, fertilizers, grains, powder, carbonate, salt, animal feed, dry chemicals
Construction: Flat sacks from stepped end tubes (Multiplayer sack) Usage: crops, fertilizers, grains, powder, carbonate, salt,
Construction: Single layer Usage: Fast Food, commodities, food packing sacks & delivery bags.
At Express, we handle every relocation with the utmost care. From individually packing each piece of chinaware to custom crating of industry standards. Being members of FIDI – the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies – Express international has a database of
Well organized and detailed planning of every move allows us to coordinate hundreds of employees effortlessly. Our specialists sit together with the procurement department and map out every step of the move months before the move takes place. EIG’s goals is to limit downtime so that a move does not
Express International Group makes for storing your goods both extremely easy & safe. State of the art warehousing facilities allow for proper storage in designated zones of the warehouse, and also gives the client an opportunity to visit & have access their goods in a convenient manner. All
EIG spares no expense when it comes to packing material, we realize the need to use good quality materials whenever we carry out removals both domestically and internationally to lessen the risk of any damages to your items. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the materials used within the
Specialised in packing, crating, handling, storage and transport of artwork, artifacts and exhibit pieces along with other works of art. We also have the ability to accommodate any specialized requirements for safe and reliable transport of artworks of various types.
Banking & Payment Cards Personalization & fulfillment & project management Issurance & Delivery
Government With a growing political interest to move to cashless society, cut costs, and the more strategic need for tracking, identification and security, Masria’s know how and history makes it the leading choice for Middle East and African government projects partnerships.
Cards can be a very popular marketing tool! Just choose your desired card design that will be the reflection of your business image, and that can also be your business’s continuous presence in your client’s wallets. For Masria’s Loyalty Solutions, ideas never end, with Masria’s original design and
KFC Elwatania Al-Ahram Poultry Heinz Americana Hardees Koki California Best Negmet Elzaitoun Golden Pack
Carrefour Hyper One Gourmet Alfa Market
Pharaonia Phrmaceuticals Amriya Pharm. Ind CID Europen Egyptian Pharm Pharco B Internathional Rameda Dar Al Fouad Hospital Elnasr El Fath for Drug (FIPCO)
Mobinil Raya Bernasos Bticino
Terraco Egyptian British Co. Eagle Chemicals Total CO-OP
• Fluting medium and test liner grades of brown paper made out of recycled fibers. • Basis weight range 110 - 180 gm/m2. • Web width up to 5 meters.
Highest quality packages are the result of adopting the best equipment, machinery and technologies.
Al-Ahram Group manufactures polypropylene bags of ad-star type with square valve and square base under license from Starlinger of Austria, which is internationally known and has a production capacity of 100 million shikaras annually.
The masterbatch we produce is mainly polypropylene or polyethylene because the bearing material in these granules must be compatible with the plastic polymer for the final product, so it should be of the same polymer or durable material, and these granules will avoid the effects Negative on optical,
The use of flexible containers in the last 10 years has increased significantly in the packaging of bulk materials, especially in developed countries. The main reason for this development is the simplicity of the refill, transport, storage and unloading processes, compared to small bags, silos and
Polyethylene bags:
High-strength, polypropylene-based technical fabrics are produced as a raw material for further processing in the manufacture of ropes, upholstery and sewing thread. Thanks to the standards that characterize these tissues, there is a high demand for them by the manufacturers of nets and filter
Made from 100 % recycled waste paper Grammage ranging from 110-140 g/m2
Made from 100 % recycled waste paper Grammage ranging from 110-140 g/m2
Soon will be producing duplex board.
Any product could be customized to any size, depending your requirements
Catogry Name : Carbonless paper Substances Gsm : 45up to 56 Use and purpose : Invoices & receirts etc Description : Any product could be customized to any size, depending your requirements White CB and 4 colors for CFB and CF for multi copies use.
Catogry Name : Self-adhesive Use and purpose : Labels & advertising materials Description : Any product could be customized to any size, depending your requirements One side cast coated paper, glued with either water base or hot melt, on a silicon Kraft back either slit or solid back
Catogry Name : Folding box board
Product name : Colored wood free writing & printing paper Substances Gsm : From 45 UP TO 80 Use and purpose : Any product could be customized to any size, depending your requirements Printing & advertising
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Our wood free uncoated w/p is produced from 100% sustainable virgin wood pulp in an alkaline medium; this yields a valued white paper with excellent printability and color separation on web feed and offset printing machines, free from any metals and other pollutants. The paper is produced in reel
Produced from 100% post consumer/industrial recovered fibers, our Economical grade is commonly used in notebook and copybook manufacturing. We see this as an initiative to help our environment as well as providing our customers with an economically competitive product with good performance on
Prime® photocopy paper is produced from 100% sustainable forestry virgin wood pulp; this yields a valued white paper with excellent run-ability on high speed copiers as well as inkjet, laser printers and fax machines. The paper is produced in the form of ream with good moisture proof cover.
SPI’s BCB comes in four standard colors: red, yellow, green and blue and the white.
Our New Crescent Former Machine Produces High Quality Tissue Paper From The Highest Grade 100% Virgin Pulp Colours Available: White, Pink, Yellow, Peach & Blue (Color tissue can be manufactured as per clients specifications and requirements).
Leading up to see where others do not reach The long-term vision enjoyed by the company's management made it unique manufactures a huge assortment of cardboard boxes polygonal where to meet compliance requirements standards and specifications of the packaging world, also covering the needs of the
Leading up to see where others do not reach The long-term vision enjoyed by the company's management made it unique manufactures a huge assortment of cardboard boxes polygonal where to meet compliance requirements standards and specifications of the packaging world, also covering the needs of the
Corrugating Medium Layer of a Carton Box END USES: - Beverages - Consumer Durables - Detergents - Industrial Goods - Processed Food BASIS WEIGHTS: From 100 to 175 g/m² PROPERTIES: High speed forming and bonding on corrugators
Outer and inner layers of a carton box
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Paper and Cardboard