manufacture of medical Syringes 3/5/10/20/50/60 cm تصنيع سرنجات طبية ذات الاستخدام الاوحد مختلف المقاسات 3/5/10/20/50/60 سم

Lens Experts Egypt

Arab medical egypt.

The leading Toothbrush / Oral Care manufacturing company in Africa and The Middle East since 1980’s. Total workforce - 550 Sales persons - 125 (Global)

For over 30 years EG Medical Systems offers a wide array of healthcare solutions from around the world. Operating out of its main hubs in Egypt and Dubai, it has powered up with world recognized partners to provide only the best in products & services to people in Egypt, the Middle East

Farcomake is a manufacturing company of medical disposables; engaged in the production, research and development of medical disposables. Our main products are the intravenous cannula, blood lines and the AVF.

EgiFix Medical is a leading company in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of manufacturing orthopedic medical implants.

Pharmaplast, A Leader in Global Wound Care And Cosmetics Products.

ULTRAMED is a factory based in Arab El-Awamer industrial zone, Abnoub, Asiut, Egypt. We are specialized in manufacturing medical disposables. We started our production steps in May 2003; however in less than two years time, ULTRAMED has become one of the largest companies in Egypt and the Middle

ACMA is affiliated from the Giant firm ACDIMA. ACDIMA is to be recognized as the largest holding Health Care company in Egypt and the region and to be an example for an integrated industry and a real valuable support to the domestic pharmaceutical and medical appliances industries.

Egypt Scientific company established in 2001, where it is considered one of most specialized companies in environmental and technical studies, applying its practical applications and engineering services to different areas of industry relying upon entrusted group of technicians and engineers.

Optoscient Co. was established in 1954 as "The Optical & Scientific CO." by the late optical pioneer, Mr. Mohamed Nagui.

Manufacture of medical supplies and preparations (non-sterilized medical cotton flaps, gauze pads, dorsing) تصنيع مستلزمات و المستحضرات الطبية (غيارات قطنية طبية غير معقمة ، فوط بطن شاش ، دريسنج)

Manufacture of non sterile medical reagents تصنيع الكواشف الطبى الجافة الغير معقمة

Assembling of medical equipment producing binoculars, good beds and catheter hoses تجميع اجهزة و مستلزمات طبية انتاج مناظير وسراير طيبة وخراطيم قسطرة

Manufacturing medical supplies and exporting such as ligaments and medical belts تصنيع مستلزمات طبية و نصدير مثل اربطة و احزمة طبية

Manufacturing of medical gloves تصنيع قفازات طبية

oxygen gaskets, napolizer, oxygen knuckle, anesthesia traps, respirator joints, guide wire bag, and joints 1 to 5 outlet, balloon bellows, Y-string connections, Fimil-Laure, Evanser, Clambat, Mill-Lor,

Ameco Technology maintains a state – of the – art product development and manufacturing facilities for disposable medical devices and components., ISO13485

The Egyptian Company for Biotechnology with the brand name "Spectrum Diagnostics" is specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing top quality IVD. Spectrum Diagnostics team succeeded to position it as one of the leading manufacturers of chemical diagnostics around the globe.

Medi Fix for Medical Industries Co, Ltd. Is one of the leading orthopedics implants manufacturing in Egypt. Medi-fix has been presented in the orthopedics market since 1998. Medi-fix is located in Cairo, Egypt and is committed in providing proven and reliable total joint implants and

Kuwaiti-Egyptian for Medical Industries Co. is a manufacturer of medical supplies established in 2012. We design and produce vacutainers, blood collection tubes, Urine cups, laboratory equipment and kits with very high quality under law no.8 for the year 1997 and law no. 95 for the year 1992. The

Miracle Orthopedics is a global medical device company specializing in soft orthopedic Rehabilitation Products and medical support products the Company’s broad range of over 65 soft Orthopedic products, including 390 items, these products provide solutions throughout the patient’s continuum of care.

Venous is one of the Companies involved in the manufacture of paper tissue in Egypt. We was established in 2006. We would like to be one of the leading companies in the field of converting tissue paper products, as well as in the areas of research and development of converting machinery. To maintain

A specialized company in medical disposal & surgical sutures manufacturing. Where from the company start put a clear vision to be the first Egyptian and then the first Arabian and middle east medical production comp.

Orthomedics provides top quality Orthotic and Prosthetic devices to our patients. We offer several prefabricated solutions for orthopedic and post operative care from the best manufacturers in the industry.

EGY GLOVE was established on 2013 & its factory in Egypt located at 6th of October City- Private Developers Area based in Giza governorate one of the best strategic places in Egypt due to its nearness from Alexandria sea port, the main sea port in Egypt.

We are a leading Egyptian manufacturer of medical consumables founded in 1984. We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers. We have been awarded the ISO 9001 and 13485:2003 certificates as well as the

MS Medical is Manufacturer of medical Piping system Equipments, Founded in 2004. We are one of the leading Manufacturers and exporters For The medical piping system Equipment in Egypt. Our factory Covers an area of about 550 m².

Orthomed-E Co. is considered one of the pioneers in the orthopedic implants in EGYPT and the Middle East. Orthomed-E specializes in the fields of orthopedic implants manufacturing like plates, screws, nails etc. and instruments with high range of products and perfect quality according to

First Medical international was established in 1997. Specialized in importation of high-tech Medical, laboratory and scientific research equipment from globally well known manufacturers. Starting out by a group of engineers, doctors and highly qualified personnel, specialized in different fields of

Since its start at a small plant at the outskirts of Cairo, BMA has grown rapidly at an impressive pace. Early in 2004, and responding to this growth, BMA constructed a modern factory building at the Abou Rawash Industrial Zone, less than 20 minutes away from central Cairo. Offering more than 3000

Building on more than 20 years of innovation and experience, Vitro scient is a technology driven-fast growing company focusing on providing highly reliable quality assays through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of in vitro diagnostics. Vitro glucose reagent combines the use of

Established in 2003, Centra is an independent, privately owned company, specialized in manufacturing and supplying disposable medical wearing apparel. Our production facility is equipped with technology for production of medical and hygienic products from non-woven textiles and updated on regular

Manufacture and Trading of Vocational Protection Products, Medical and Surgical Supplies, Devices, and Appliances   

Medica Middle East is licensed as a Privet Free Zone Entity to facilitate its importing and exporting activities. Huge facility constructed on 8000 m² with an extension for another 8000 m² dedicated for future expansionary plans. Two classified clean rooms, one for dialyzers manufacture and the

Tubal Egypt is the leading Collapsible Aluminum Tubes manufactures in Egypt, proudly producing Aluminum Tubes with the highest standards, and solid Quality procedures. With a wide range of production and services, we are able to cater your needs, designed to your wishes, delivered to you at the time

Egypt Pharma for Pharmaceutical Industries Accessories, was founded on 18th June 2000. Our main production are Aluminum Pilfer Proof Caps, For medical & foodstuff bottles.

One of the most reputed orthopedic manufacturers in Middle East. We have been in business for more than a decade.

Arab Medical Equipment Company (AMECO) was established in 1984 in 10th of Ramadan City as a family-run business. The factory was erected at an area of 30 thousand square meters in accordance with European standards in design, manufacturing and preparation. AMECO is the first and largest single

Q Medical Industries is an Egyptian – American Joint Venture specialized in manufacturing medical devices. Q Medical has 3 main Divisions: Class A products, General Disposables, and Catheters & Intervention. Through these divisions we manufacture state-of-art medical devices that adhere to the

H.W. Contact Lens is the leading contact lens manufacturing laboratory not only in Egypt but also in the middle east.

We are an Egyptian company commited to manufacturing high quality IVD reagents and marketing laboratory instruments all across the globe.

GHALIOUNGUI Trading, has been operating its business of "importing, marketing and sale of specialized Medical and surgical products "ever since 1979. Serving the Governmental and private health care sectors all over Egypt. GHALIOUNGUI has been providing the most up-to-date products, post-sale

مستلزمات طبية انتاج جبس طبى

MANUFACTURE OF MEDICAL NECEESITIER مستلزمات طبية انتاج سرنجات وسن ابر واجهزة محاليل

manufacture of Medical صناعة مستلزمات جراحة العظام انتاج شرائح - مسامير – مسامير نخاعية - مفاصل صناعيه – مثبتات خارجية – الات جراحية اطراف صناعية – اجهزة شلل – احزمة ظهر وبطن – رقب بلاستيك واسفنج – عكاكيز ومشايات – كراسى معوقين – معظم متطلبات ذو الاحتياجات الخاصة

Not Available

MANUFACTURE OF MEDICAL SPARE PARTS صناعة مستلزمات طبية انتاج ماسك عمليات

صناعة سرنجات طبية بلاستيكية

مستلزمات طبية انتاج اسطوانات الاكسجين والاستليين

تصنيع مستلزمات وقائية طبية كاب طبيب و ممرضه جاون مريض بالطو اوفر شوز

manufacture of Dental cabinets كبائن خاصة بالاسنان

Medical supplies, syringes and dispensers of مستلزمات طبية انتاج سرنجات وأجهزة إعطاء محاليل

Production and processing of all medical supplies for optics and medical glasses انتاج وتجهيز كافة المستلزمات الطبية للبصريات والنظارات الطبية

Euromed overview Euromed is an Egyptian leading manufacturer, which offers a wide range of medical products established in 2002 and has considerably grown over the years. Euromed head office is located in Cairo, the business capital, in the industrial zone of Nasr City, which is considered by

Intermedica is one of the major companies in Egypt in the field of manufacturing and distributing a wide range of medical supplies. Throughout a period of 25 years in the market, Intermedica has built a solid foundation and has gained an excellent reputation and good will among its customers and

We would like to introduce ourselves as Taisier Group which has been dealing in the medical and health care business for more than 20 years. Our group, located in Egypt, had started its first business with "Taisier International Hospitals", followed by establishing "Taisier medical company" for the

ENTEPLIN, Egypt. was founded in 1994 in 10th. of Ramadan City, to provide the medical and fine plastic components to the related industries. The Company was the first firm of a kind in the area of the Middle East to offer this service. With an expert team dedicated to success, the state of art

EgiFix Medical is a leading manufacturer in Egypt and the middle east for manufacturing orthopedic medical implants since we are dedicating in providing the surgeons with a wide variety of products with the aiim of giving the patients the ultimate care they deserve EgiFix medical offers innovative

Medical Supplies Plaster Adhesive مستلزمات طبية بلاستر لاصق

صناعة مستلزمات طبية

تصنيع امبولات زجاجية للحقن

MANUFACTURING DENTAL MATERIALS : AMALGAM , ALGINATE , STONE انتاج مادة حشو وطباعة وتصنيع فرحات الاسنان وصهر وتنقية المعادن


Sterile syringes, medical solutions, medicines, medical preparations, cosmetics, perfumes and medical reagents سرنجات معقمة ومحاليل طبية والادوية والمستحضرات الطبية ومستحضرات التجميل والعطور والكواشف الطبية

Manufacture of medical supplies Production of medical supplies, untreated medical treatment, medical supplies, medical clothing and accessories صناعة مستلزمات طبية انتاج الغيارات الطبية والاربطة العلاجية الغير معقمة والدعمات الطبية والملابس الطبية ومستلزماتها

Manufacture of medical supplies صناعة مستلزمات طبية

Manufacture of nail, slide, titanium lumbar pillar, and cervical vertebrae تصنيع مسمار وشريحة وعمود تثبيت فقرات القطنية من التيتانيوم وشريحة تثبيت الفقرات العنقية

Plates ,Screws And Fixators صناعة شرائح معدنية لتثبيت كسور العظام والمسامير المعدنية للتثبيت والمسامير النخاعية والالات الجراحية والمثبتات الخارجية بانواعها

Air and oxygen lathes and assembly links for air stations, complete flexible plants and terminal regulators مخارج هواء واكسجين وصلات تجميع لمحطات الهواء وازرع مرنة كاملة ومنظمات المحطات وصمامات عدم الرجوع

Manufacture of medical supplies producing screws and medical strips صناعة مستلزمات طبية انتاج مسامير وشرائح طبية

Medical Cotton – guaze bandag – elastic bandag – Medical belts – and a set of soft and hard Medical productes like knee support – ankel support – coller ….. Etc. مستلزمات طبية انتاج شاش طبى واربطة الضاغطة والاحزامة الطبية ومستلزمات الكسور القطن الطبي

Manufacturing medical supplies, syringes, tubes, hanger parts, surgical surgical gloves, latex, medical clothing & surgical mattresses صناعة مستلزمات طبية وسرنجات وانبوبة شق حنجرى وقفازات جراحية طبية لاتكس وملابس طبية ومفارش عمليات

الاستيراد و التصدير وتصنيع المستلزمات الطبية

Medical oxygen cylinders for hospitals تعبئة اسطوانات اكسجين طبى للمستشفيات

صناعة عدسات طبية بجميع انواعها وعدسات بلاستيك عادى ومضغوط وباى فوكل ومالتى فوكل

Manufacture of examination gloves and accessories for cardiac catheters and medical syringes تصنيع قفازات فحص واكسسوارات قسطرة القلب وسرنجات طبية

جونتى فحص بلاستيك وكيس جمع بول و جهاز قياس نسبة الجلوكوز في الدم

Oxygen and nebulizer, anesthesia and non-sterilizing respirators ماسك اكسجين و نيبولايزر ووصله تخدير ووصله تنفس صناعى غير معقمين

Stainless steel table for small surgery chair and surgery منضدة استنلس ستيل للعمليات الصغرى كرسى للعيادة و العمليات الجراحية

Manufacture of Medical Supplies صناعة المستلزمات الطبية انتاج اربطة وقساطر بكافة أنواعها وبلاستر واسورة بلاستيك للمريض وحقن شرجية واكياس وماسك اكسجين ونيزل اكسجين

manufacture of Disposable syringes صناعة مستلزمات طبية انتاج سرنجات وتعبئة وتغليف المستلزمات الطبية للغير

manufacture of medical Industries صناعة جاون مريض وطبيب وماسك كمامة ورقة واوفرشوز وافرولات وبالطو طبيب وكاب طبيب وممرضة

مستلزمات طبية انتاج الغيارات الطبية المعقمة والغير معقمة

orthopidic implants & instruments مستلزمات جراحة العظام والعمود الفقري و الآلات الخاصة بها ودوالى المرئ

تقطيع وتعبئة بكر بلاستر طبى حرير



Our 17-year experience in injection molding, dealing with the most sophisticated materials and the highest precise moulds, honored us to be a partner to the majority of the Medical Disposable and fine plastic manufacturers in our area. We are proud to say that you don't have to care about your
-Spikes -Chambers -Covers -Clamps -Injection Sites -Adaptors -Filters -Tubings -Needles
With the advent of Hepatitis and AIDS, safety to the laboratory staff has become important, especially in clinical laboratories. To those laboratories, where quality and cost are of vital importance, Enteplin LABTEK offers the first group of laboratory plastic ware which will be followed by other
-Infusion & Transfusion Therapy -Dialysis Therapy -Catheterization Therapy -Respiratory Therapy -Surgery & Intensive Care Unit -Peadiatric, Gynecology & Obstetric -Urology Care -Blood Banking
Products : -Infusion Products -Transfusion Products -Urology Products -Support Products -Dressing Products -Dialyziz Products -IV Set Components
OT- series : of operating tables incorporates a wide range of hydraulically operated, spring load assisted "H" family, sophisticated electrically actuated "X" type with modular design, and extremely flexible and versatile electro-hydraulic "XH" range.
IC 14 Instrument cabinets never have to be sad looking metal boxes . . We placed a fine taste of two-tone colored elements that match with our production of examination couches and doctor's desk. The whole clinic is inspiring relaxation and optimism.
Generic name:
AMECO manufactures three-part disposable syringes. They comprise the barrel, piston, and a thin rubber gasket acting as a sliding seal. This design is substantially more complex than that of regular two-part syringes, however it provides an extremely smooth motion of the syringe, insuring a safe
AMECO produces more than 50 types of infusion and transfusion sets in PVC, DEHP-free and PVC-free designs. In addition, we produce disposable syringes of many different sizes and options. The company also undertakes the production of special sets according to the demands of the customers. Our
Pioneers in our nature, AMECO is Egypt's first medical company to produce hypodermic needles.  
• The latest and most advanced tube production line
• Prompt Delivery times to ensure your plan • More than 150 million tubes on production per year • In house design and artwork production
Medical Equipment & Disposables EG Medical Systems have over 30 years of sourcing, distributing and manufacturing of medical equipment and disposables catered for both Egypt and regional markets. Submenu: Medical Equipment Medical Consumables & Disposables
A)Non-Absorbable polypropylene mesh :
A)- Absorbable surgical sutures:
Tri M Strip ® is a non-woven fabric adhesive wound dressing with an absorbent pad that does not stick to the wound.
Eye Patch® is a non-woven fabric adhesive wound dressing with an absorbent pad that does not stick to the wound. (Note: This product can be produced sterile or non-sterile).
Eye Patch® is a non-woven fabric adhesive wound dressing with an absorbent pad that does not stick to the wound. (Note: This product can be produced sterile or non-sterile).
Olympus micromanipulation system ON3 series: A line-up to meet every specific need.
Monitoring air quality is essential for local authorities as well as for major public and private industries to understand and prevent air pollution and assess emission sources, in order to preserve health and contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect
The leading Toothbrush / Oral Care manufacturing company in Africa and The Middle East since 1980’s.
The leading Toothbrush / Oral Care manufacturing company in Africa and The Middle East since 1980’s.
It is provided with an additional feature for connecting the leur lock with the injection port with out having to open the injection port, so leading to more easy use and infection control.
Connectors Connectors are avaiable in three versions small, medium and Large. Connectors are made of Titanium alloy(Ti 6AL-AV ELI).
Not Available
Pharma-Foam Comfort Lipo PC is an absorbent, atraumatic dressing made from polyurethane foam. The outer surface of the foam is bonded to a vapour-permeable polyurethane nonwoven, which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms, while the wound contact surface of is coated with a layer of soft
The Pediatric I.V. Infusion Sets are specially designed to administer measured volume of infusion fluid through gravity as well as pressure pump method in children.
The Oxygen Mask is used to provide oxygen for respiration with maximum comfort to the patient system. Swivel connector for patient comfort.
Kemico Vacutainer blood collection system is a closed evacuated system, which consists of a sterile double ended needle with safety valve, Kemico Vacutainer holder and sterile Kemico Vacutainer evacuated blood collection tubes with predetermined volume. Blood collected by threading the sleeve
Not Available
Surgical Gowns provides you a unique balance of comfort, value and protection. We have considered the variety of procedures you work on everyday and ever-changing conditions associated with them.
Components provided from reliable suppliers to assure best quality. Color-coded clamps (are available) to distinguish between arterial and venous lines. 
Introducer Sheath are used during coronary catheterization to gain access to the femoral artery through groin.
H.W has been producing quality contact lenses since 1980. Since then H.W production team is recognized as one of the most experienced in the region. Therefore, H.W. lenses have an excellent reputation.
We was established in 2006 We would like to be one of the leading companies in the field of converting tissue paper products, as well as in the areas of research and development of converting machinery. To maintain the levels of productivity and quality of work through the system , as well as
Orthomedics   $155.00
MS Medical (Automatic central station) Specially designed for distribution of medical gases. And ensures Completely safe continuous gas distribution. 
Orthomed-E Co. is considered one of the pioneers in the orthopedic implants in EGYPT and the Middle East. Orthomed-E specializes in the fields of orthopedic implants manufacturing like plates, screws, nails etc, and instruments  with high range of products and perfect quality
Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Serology and Febrile, Antigens Reagents, Hemostasis Reagents, Hematology Reagents, Bacteriology Media, Blood Grouping reagents, Laboratory Instruments, OEM & Bulk Reagent.