Borg El Arab Medical Industries - BMI is a 30 years family business in the field of medical equipment and devices, an urge for manufacturing the equipment instead of importing it, so BMI was launched for manufacturing this equipment.

MIRA LAB MiraLab was established in 1998, an Egyptian based company as a local distributor. We started importing medical laboratory instruments and reagents in 2007. We succeeded to produce our own products in 2011 and quickly becoming the leaders in developing and producing

PH Star was founded in 2006 as lab equipment manufacturing . Soon after foundation, we have got into laminar flow equipment and workbenches production. Since then, we have grown to cover full range of cleanroom products and services. Today, PH Star is modern, well organized manufacturing and

International Biomedical Engineering Technologies (IBE Tech) is an Egyptian developer and manufacturer of medical equipment with headquarters in Giza , Egypt . The company is a spin-off of International Electronics - Biomedical Division where it was the research and development arm of this giant

Medica-lab® is currently a landmark in the field of Medical Equipment trade and industry in Egypt. The company was initiated in 1984 by Dr. Hesham Swilam. In 1992, the first factory was established in Badr City for the manufacture of medical furniture. In 1996, the company started manufacturing

Egyptian Engineering & Industrial Office has been established in 1956 to supply the Egyptian market with medical equipment from various leading international manufacturers. We specialize in the supply of equipment to anaesthesia departments, intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units

For over 30 years EG Medical Systems offers a wide array of healthcare solutions from around the world. Operating out of its main hubs in Egypt and Dubai, it has powered up with world recognized partners to provide only the best in products & services to people in Egypt, the Middle East

Bar Gas is one of the companies, which have been established many decades ago to meet the needs of the new century in the field of industrial and medical gases. Quality Policy Bar Gas policy is to ensure all products, equipment and services supplied in order to meet customer's needs and demands with

Euromed overview Euromed is an Egyptian leading manufacturer, which offers a wide range of medical products established in 2002 and has considerably grown over the years. Euromed head office is located in Cairo, the business capital, in the industrial zone of Nasr City, which is considered by

Since its start at a small plant at the outskirts of Cairo, BMA has grown rapidly at an impressive pace. Early in 2004, and responding to this growth, BMA constructed a modern factory building at the Abou Rawash Industrial Zone, less than 20 minutes away from central Cairo. Offering more than 3000

Liquid & semi-solid processing plants for pharma and Biotech industry

With 18-years of professional experience, WELLEX Medical has been striving to develop and manufacture medical devices that provides innovative and lifesaving solutions for the world’s healthcare market. Specializing in Cardiovascular, Vascular Access, Dialysis, Urology, and Specialty Products &

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Our Company is dedicated to the professional field of Medical & Scientific Lab. equipment and supplies. We would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce our selves. Our company was established in 1990. We act mainly as a distributor, agent and manufacturing for Medical &

Amecath is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. Established in 1991, it is the leading catheter manufacturing company in Egypt. We offer high quality but low cost, differentiated and selected intellectual property (IP) protected catheters and related products.

NS Biotec is a leading manufacturer and distributor of user-friendly laboratory instruments & clinical chemistry reagents.

About the Company

AlShrouk for Medical & Scientific Equipment Technology is a biomedical equipment services and repair company located in Cairo Egypt. AlShrouk provides biomedical equipment repair solutions to healthcare facilities, clinics and medical companies of all types and sizes. Our commitment to providing

We are working in the field of medical equipment intensive care - operations - sonar - incubators and radiology regular network of medical gases We are agents

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صناعة الاجهزة الرياضية لصالات الجيم والاهداف وحلق الملاكمة وبساط المصارعة والبارات والاوزان والدمبلز والعاب الجمباز

صناعة اجهزة جمانيزم وكمال اجسام واجهزة غرف السونا والبخار والجاكوزى واجهزة ملاعب مكشوفة ومغطاه والمدرجات والانارة واجهزة الملاهى والشواطئ وحدائق الاطفال واثاثات معدنية وخشبية

تصنيع و بيع اجهزة طبية


MEDICAL EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION OF A LIQUID MIXER DEVICE AND MIXER MIXER AND FILLING MACHINE اجهزة طبية انتاج جهاز شفاط سوائل وجهاز خلط حشو وجهاز تجفيف حشو

manufacture of Dental clinic facilities with facilities, ENT clinic, detection bed and autoclave sterilizer صناعة وصيانة الأجهزة الطبية : تجهيزات عيادات اسنان بمشتملاتها و تجهيزات عيادة انف و اذن وحنجرة و سرير كشف وجهاز تعقيم بالبخار اتوكلاف و جهاز اشعة الاسنان

manufacture of medical industries, operation tables, xray machines and ECG devices ثلاجات حفظ الموتى,سراير مرضى,اجهزة اشعة و اجهزة رسم قلب ,ترابيزات عمليات ,اجهزة اسنان

صناعة أجهزة طبية انتاج ثلاجات حفظ الدم وحفظ الادوية وديب فريزر لحفظ العينات والاجهة المعملية

DIS POSSIBLE ELECTROSURGICAL PENCI NEBUILIZER صناعة اجهزة طبية واجهزة كى جراحى واجهزة كلى صناعى واجهزة اشاعة واجهزة رياضية

Processing and Maintenance تجهيز معامل وصيانة

Medical Devices Headlights & Operating theaters الأجهزة الطبية كشافات غرف العمليات والاثاث الطبي

أجهزة طبية انتاج أجهزة مراقبة المريض وحضانات الأطفال

Medical and surgical tables and automatic mirrors سراير طبية وترابيزات العمليات والة مناظر اتوماتيك

جهاز هزاز قرب الدم و جهاز لحام قرب الدم و جهاز طرد مركزى

Medical devices in the field of physiotherapy اجهزة طبية في مجال اجهزة العلاج الطبيعى

MANUFACTURE OF Scrub Up Unit 3 stations Automatic,Mayo Table,Scrub Up Unit 2 stations,Utility Trolley,Dressing Trolley,Bed Screen Mobile,Instrument Cabinet,Dressing Trolley,Trolley Dirty Linen,Kick-Bucket,Kick-Bucket,Waste Container With Lid,Mobile Bowl

Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Medical Incinerators, Chambers, Refrigeration and Freezer Chambers and Storage Rooms صناعة المعدات الطبية انتاج محارق طبية وعنابر غرف تبريد وتجميد وغرف حفظ

Maintenance of medical devices صناعة حضانات الأطفال المبتسرين ووحدة العلاج الضوئى ووحدة علاج الإقامة والتدفئة للأطفال المبتسرين

Manufacture of Medical equipments صناعة اجهزة طبية انتاج وحدة سراير افاقة للاطفال ووحدة كشف رمد واجهزة شفط جراحى وترابيزات العمليات واجهزة اضاءة متنوعة واجهزة طرد مركزى وشفاط اسنان

SHOCK WAVE LIGHOTRIPTER , OPERTING TABLES , X-RAY EQUIPMENT , DISINFECTORS M AUTOCLAVE , TROLLEYS, TRANSFER BED , ENT UNIT, LIGHT SOURCE صناعة وتجميع اجهزة و مستلزمات طبية انتاج اجهزة تفتيت حصوات وترابيزات عمليات واجهزة اشعة سينية واجهزة تعقيم مناظر وتروليات واثاث مستشفيات ومصدر ضوئى للمناظير

صناعة الأجهزة العلمية والمعملية والطبية انتاج افران وحضانات وأجهزة تنقية هواء وحمامات مائية وسراير مستشفيات وأجهزة تقطير وسخانات مائية وأجهزة قياس

MANUFACTURE OF ENGINEEING AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS صناعة وتجميع الاجهزة الطبية والهندسية انتاج حضانات اطفال المبتسيرين واجهزة علاج ضوئى للاطفال المرضى بالصفراء واجهزة افاقة للاطفال حديثى الولادة وسراير اطفال من الاكليرك وفلاتر هواء لحضانات الأطفال

Manufacturing of electronic devices. Manufacturing of switchboards and medical devices. Producing all radiation therapy devices صناعة اجهزة الكترونية انتاج السنترلات واجهزة طبية انتاج جميع اجهزة الاشعة العلاجية

Importation and maintenance of medical devices استيراد اجهزة طبية سماعات اذن طبية و صيانتها

صناعة وتجميع الاجهزة الطبية تجميع حضانات اطفال مبتسرين

METALLIR FURNITURES MANFUCTURING صناعة مستلزمات وتجهيزات المستشفيات انتاج الادوات الطبية والجراحية والاثاثات الطبية انتاج شرايح تثبيت ومفاصل صناعية للفخذ

Manufacture, production and assembly of sports and recreational equipment and equipment صناعة وانتاج وتجميع اجهزة وادوات رياضية وترفيهية ومعدات الملاهى

Neonatal - Anaesthesia - Medical Imaging - ICU - Miscellaneous Products
OT- series : of operating tables incorporates a wide range of hydraulically operated, spring load assisted "H" family, sophisticated electrically actuated "X" type with modular design, and extremely flexible and versatile electro-hydraulic "XH" range.
IC 14 Instrument cabinets never have to be sad looking metal boxes . . We placed a fine taste of two-tone colored elements that match with our production of examination couches and doctor's desk. The whole clinic is inspiring relaxation and optimism.
Generic name:
-HPLC column
Medical : -DIGISON-Q 4D Ultrasound System -DIGISON 3D Ultrasound System -Solo Expert 3D Ultrasound System -Free 3D WorkStation -Reporting ,Archiving and Calculations WorkStation -Ultrasound gel Engineering : EZScope
Our Products : - Clinical Furniture Line - Hospital Furniture Line - Mortuary Refrigerators & Equipments - Multi-Purpose Trolleys - Medical Devices Line
Medical Equipment & Disposables EG Medical Systems have over 30 years of sourcing, distributing and manufacturing of medical equipment and disposables catered for both Egypt and regional markets. Submenu: Medical Equipment Medical Consumables & Disposables
- Argon - Hydrogen - Nitrogen - Carbon Monoxide/Syngas - Hydrogen Energy Fuel - Helium
Description: Design and implementation intensive care area in Ain Shams Hospital. Client: Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital Job: General Contractor Year: 2006
Description: Design & implementation Reference Microbiology Lab in the holding Co. Client: Holding Company of Water & Wastewater Job: Design and Build Year: 2006
Description: Design and implementation Therapeutic Intravenous Solution factory in the Nile company. Client: The Nile Co. For Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Job: Main Contractor Year: 2007
Description: Design eye Drop factory in Orchidia company. Client: Orchidia Pharmaceuticals Job: Pharma (Design, Planning and execution Supervision) Year: 2007
Description: Implementation of central air conditioning and refrigerators in Institute of serums and vaccines, veterinary - Plant Biosecurity (BLE). Client: Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation Job: HAVC, Doors / Process Refrigerators Year: 2008
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Biopsy Needle Control Syringe Hemostatic Valve Set Inflation Device Introducer Needle Introducer Sheath Set Manifolds P ressure Monitoring line
Central Venous Catheters IV Catheter
Long Term Dialysis Catheter Short Term Dialysis Catheter
Amplatz Renal Dilator Set- Double Loop Catheter- Nelaton Catheter- Nephrostomy Catheter
Epidural Kit- Spinal Needle
Internal roughness Ra<0.3 µm . Heating/cooling dimple jacket using steam/chilled water. Bottom nstalled magnetic stirrer. PH, conductivity and Dissolved oxygen sensors.
1- Full automation unit with PLC 2- Weighing sensor for each vessel 3- Flexible joints between tanks 4- Valve compact design to reduce the space 5- Sugar mixing unit
 Side entry emulsifier Sanitary valves and connections Plate form Full automation
High torque mixer The internal vessel is tilting 90° to fill out product The mixer is up and down using electrical piston ( for more hygienic ) Stainless steel skid for the unit
Dimple jacket ( heating under pressure using heaters ). Top Mixer with high speed. Built-in emulsifier 3000 RPM. Circulating pump with Dimple jacket.
El Ezaby Group offers a full range of healthcare sector services “turnkey” hospital and medical equipment projects. From advisory, consulting, fulfillment, installation, and maintenance of complex healthcare equipment projects to the design, planning, construction, and management of “turnkey”
We develop new services, leading-edge systems and innovative solutions to meet our clients evolving needs, ensuring a carefully managed project execution. We are continually resourcing the most innovative and cost-effective diagnostic solutions and state of- the-art equipment, influencing our
The general objectives of our medical planning and design services include the synchronization between medical planners, project architects and MEP team to meet the needs of the overall project design schedule for accurate and timely technical information.
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BMI AII PLUS Modular anesthesia system delivering the benefits of integration without the disadvantages, whatever your anesthetic system requirements, the All plus flexible specification offers a practical solution with high performance and value to money. Modular construction and a low cost: Left
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Micro Introducers Micro Percutaneous With Integrated Valve Percutaneous With Integrated Valve
Multilumen Central Venous Catheters Pressure Resistant CVC PICC Pressure PICC
Short Term Hemodialysis Catheters Long Term Hemodialysis Catheters Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters
Pediatric CVC Catheters Pediatric Long Term Hemodialysis Catheters Pediatric Peritoneal Catheters Pediatric Short Term Hemodialysis Catheters
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Water Bath , 10 L and 20L  Digital PID control with Alarm , Stainless Steel
BioMon Patient Monitor CMS HealthPad WiMon Accessories Handheld Devices
BioLuxy Phototherapy
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Not Available
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Mercury Pressure Device The mercury pressure device on the holder Digital Pressure Transducer Air pressure device Stethoscope Pneumonia for bedding My surgical face Joanny Latex Spare parts for compressors
Pulmonary Inhalation System Tongue tongue defibrillator Aerosmith device Surgical sutures
Nizel Canola NIPPOLIZER MASK Oxygen mask Oxygen regulator cylinder Oxygen network regulator Oxygen generator
Balloon larynx tube Laryngeal tube without balloon Laryngeal tube supported by a balloon entrance Laryngeal tube Abediolar anesthesia group Anesthesia Mask
Foley catheter Catheter catheter Wheel of hemorrhoids
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Wamer for semen specimen liquefaction Warmer For DNA Fragmentation Test
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EMP168 Hemo One Master T MIRACHEM Miura Miura 200 Miura one
BioMaxima BM HEM 3 BioMaxima BM Smart BioMaxima BM-HEM5 MIRACELL Rayto RT-7600
Ultrasound CHISON ECO2, ECO3 Expert, ivis20 and Q9
X-ray machines and injectors
 All types of sonar appliances
Children's nurseries, phototherapy and bile treatment
Anesthesia, diathermy, screens, shocks, operation tables, operation lamps, liquid hoods