Based in Egypt, CANEX Aluminum is a Canadian-Saudi joint venture that is focused on the expanding market for extrusions. By leveraging international suppliers from around the world, CANEX Aluminum has the capacity to rapidly bring to market a number of customized solutions and to supply high quality

Eramco is based in beautiful Egypt and has been a prominent manufacturer of food packaging products since 1999 to a myriad of industries making us the leading experts in the land of the Pharaohs. We have also craftfully exported our products to North Africa and Levant regions since 2005. Some of our

Delemar is One of largest Aluminum extrudes factories & companies for Aluminum profiles in Egypt & Middle east, was established in 2008, and began production in 2012. Delemar is an Egyptian joint stock company S.A.E with a capital of 100,000,000 (hundred million Egyptian pounds) production

Aluminum fabrication Company Products Doors ,Windows, Curtain walls , security glass , structure glazings & sky lights

Aluvic El Nasr Company for Aluminum ALUVIC is an Egyptian share co. for aluminum profiles production working according to private sector Law 230 in year 1989 in Giza, Cairo, Egypt. ALUVIC is considered the biggest industrial collective structure in Middle East for aluminum products & processes

HARTMANN EGYPT Co. S.A.E Company is one of the first pioneer companies in Egypt since 1977, allocated in 16,000 m2, certified and maintains quality management system according to the standard ( DIN EN ISO 9002 ) in the field of fabrication and installation of aluminum works. Today HARTMANN EGYPT Co.

METAFORM for manufacturing aluminum ladders, scaffolding and metal works, was founded in 1984 under the name of Just Egypt which was the daughter company for one of the largest companies in Europe this field. Now METAFORM is one of the largest Climbing Products manufacturers in the Middle East. Over

Egypt Ladders Company for aluminum ladders and scaffolds was established in 2003. The Head office is located in Cairo City in Arab Republic of Egypt; the Factory is located in Badr City. Our products are qualified as it was manufactured of specified aluminum bars, using moderate welding process. The

Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال

Casting For Feeding Industrial Our company manufactures Aluminium products by High-pressure & Low-pressure and Gravity diecasting for Cars and electrical Feeding industries. Our objective is to achieve perfect quality therefore we achieved accurate choice for raw material ,diecasting machines

-Doors and Windows - Kitchens - Interfaces - Clothes Rooms
Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال
Single Ladder -Double link Ladder -2 Section robe operated -3 section robe operated -Step Ladder Double wide steps Ladder - Double side Ladder -2 Section compination Ladder -Section compination Ladder -3Section compination Ladder 2 Section compination Ladder -3 Section compination Ladder -Wide steps
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-This TP 52 façade is a traditional system, also known as the Stick system. The fixing of the glazing to the supporting profiles is carried out by way of a continuous pressure profile screwed externally to a screw Port incorporated in the mullions and transoms. The glazing remains fixed at its 4
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