Approximate cost of relocation within the Netherlands


Relocation is a pretty big decision at any stage in life. To leave one’s current city, state and home only to start fresh in an entirely new place can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to relocation and the load is usually so big that confusion and panic is natural. But along with all the formalities and documentation that needs to completed, what is equally important, if no more, is considering your finances.


Let’s talk about Netherlands here specifically. If you’re planning to move within Netherlands, changing cities permanently, then you must be worried about the total cost and if it fits your planned budget. Your concerns are right and finances need to be planned well in advance so there no last minute problems.


Relocation is expensive in general, as there is a lot involved. But moving in the same country is just slightly better. In case of Netherlands, we’re here to help you get an approximate idea about wat kost een verhuizing.


  1. Moving there

Moving within the Netherlands is mostly going to be done by road we assume. You’re anyway going to need good movers and packers then. That’s your first expense. Different movers charge differently and sometimes it might feel like an extra cost, but honestly it really is tough to move without hiring good movers. So be prepared to spend some money there. Depending on your luggage, furniture and other things, a move within the city can cost around $300 to $1000. That depends on how much they move and how much of it you move yourself.


  1. Rented accommodation

Accommodation is the costliest thing in terms of relocation. Now depending on whether you’re moving alone or with family, you’ll need to decide how big an apartment you’ll need. Also, temporary vs permanent housing will also make a huge difference in the cost. The rent for a one-bedroom house starts at $900. The better the area and locality, the more the cost will be. Also if you want a semi or fully furnished one, then the cost changes as well.


  1. Permanent accommodation

If you’re shifting permanently then you’ll need a permanent house too. If you’re buying an apartment, then the current rate for it is 307 per square foot. If you’ve sold off your previous house, then it might be easier to buy one someplace else in Netherlands. If not, then a loan might help.


  1. Travel

If you own a private vehicle, then your travel worries are sorted. Otherwise the public transport system in Netherlands is good overall, as you already will be knowing.


It is difficult to manage a good qualitative life in Netherlands without a steady job. The good part is that there are a lot of opportunities for employment. So if you’re shifted for work and have already landed a job, then you’re sorted. If you’re hunting for one in a new Netherlands city, then Randstad can help you out. It’s a multinational human resources consultation firm that helps people find employment within various cities in Netherlands.


So on that positive note, wishing you all the best for a new life in a new city. Bon voyage.