Elite Consultant Shares $1.3 Billion Worth of Business Knowledge

Alberta, Canada, July 15, 2014 - A 42 year old consultant opens up about $1.3 billion in secrets and comes clean about his 11 year career as a trusted insider and confidant to the heads of private international companies. He breaks his silence and openly shares his unorthodox methods with the American public on the upcoming 12 months by means of the "America IS Great" Coast to Coast tour - http://bit.ly/W5lXQC

Knighton Warbeck, a self-learned, self-taught, and self-made freelance consultant from Canada, overcame a 28 year battle with stuttering to become a business strategist, corporate problem solver, public speaker, and radio show host.

Elite freelance consultant shares his secret methods, strategies and techniques, used to skyrocket companies from zero to phenomenal success in record time, with the American public on "America IS Great" Coast to Coast Tour. He has decided, after a two year layoff and a serious re-think of his life and career, now is the time to give back and pass on what was given to him in trust.

This 12 month, America IS Great, Coast to Coast tour, is not only a delivery "vehicle" for Knighton to share his $1.3 billion dollars’ worth of knowledge, wisdom and experience, but also to remind all Americans that America is still the greatest country on Earth. He and his team will drive a trio of American racing icons from the 1960’s all across the nation visiting 48 states and their capital cities. These racing icons beat Ferrari 4 years in a row at the most prestigious race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France from 1966-69. Knighton will ask Americans "The Big 3 Questions".

Anyone interest in learning "The Three Big Questions should Contact Us: Knighton Warbeck Systems, 6119 137 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5A 0P2. (702) 425-4234. Knighton Warbeck; founder. pr@gcl-us.com Website: http://bit.ly/1qBDt8u, http://bit.ly/W5lXQC, http://bit.ly/1qBDtoM

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