Our Products:

· Main products are trousers, skirts, and top & bottom knits for men, women and children.
· Types of products are: classic, casual, woven, knits (light garments), jeans, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded, pants, shorts, and skirts.
· We produced for the following brands: Dannes, Old Navy, Structure, Target (Cherokee), Sears, KRS, US Polo, Jordache, Van Heusen, Arrow, Xoxo, PVH, RER, Walmart, Chapse, Federated, Reebok, Knight Apparel, C&A, Chase, Xara.


We have installed in our factory:

· Band knife machine.
· A computerized group of patron and marker making [GERBER.]
· Three cutting tables ( 30 m long each) with a total of 10 air motors.
· An automatic unwinding cloth machine [GERBER.]
· Automatic (Lockstitch) welting machines [BEISLER.] (Quantity: 8)
· Button holing machines [REECE:Qty:8; DURKOP:Qty: 4)
· Belt loop machines [UNION SPECIAL.](Qty: 15)
· Single-needle machines [DURKOPP, JUKI, SIRUPA, SUNNY STAR.](Qty: 410)
· Double-needle machines [DURKOPP, JUKI, SIRUPA.](Qty: 102)
· Overlock safety stitch machines [PEGASUS, MAUSER, SIRUPA.](Qty: 150)
· Cover stitch machines (Qty: 40)
· Button sewing machines with knot-tying mechanisms [JUKI, SIRUPA.](Qty: 9)
· Single-needle, double chainstitch machines specified for three-folded hemming bottoms of jeans [UNION SPECIAL, SINGER, SIRUPA.]
· Single-needle, chainstitch blindstitcher with kip-stitch device [UNION SPECIAL, LEWIS. SIRUPA.]
· Cylinder-bed lockstitch bartacking machines [DURKOPP, JUKI.](Qty: 36)
· Specialist machines for waistband [UNION SPECIAL.](Qty: 21)
· Feed-off-the-arm, double chainstitch machines [UNION SPECIAL.]
· Double chainstitch machines [UNION SPECIAL, KANSAI.]
· Embroidery machines(Qty: 6)
· Stone washing machines(Qty: 5)
· Ability of filling and packing.
· Fabric inspection machine.
· Metal detector machine.
· Complementary equipment:
                     · Boiler (3 tons per hour)
                     · Compressor (50HP)
                     · Vacuum (50Hp)
                     · Vacuum ironing devices
                     · [TOP/LER.]

El Masaied Clothing Co