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Power Products:-

1-Commercial UPS
2-Industrial UPS
3-Battery Chargers/Rectifiers
5-Power Supply
6-Frequency Converters
7-Voltage Stabilizers
8-VRLA Batteries
9-NI-Cad Batteries

Instrumentation Products :-

1-Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic flow meter
2-Ultrasonic level transmitter
3-Open channel flow meter
4-Pressure logger
5-Leak detection
6-Portable  leak noise correlator
7-Digital ground microphone
8-Noise logger for leak survey

Electrical discipline of Engineering performs the following activities:
Electrical design including:
Raceway system.
Equipment arrangement.
Cable routing.
Cable quantities calculations:
         Raceway fills calculation.
         Raceway quantities and weight calculations.
Electrical Control System including:
         Schematic diagrams.
         Cable termination.
Design and system calculations including:
         Power System calculations.
         Electrical equipment sizing calculations.
         Relay coordination setting studies.
         Cable sizing and selection.
         Grounding network calculations.
         Electrical load calculations.
Single and three line diagram

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