What is HUD Section 8 Smoke-Free Housing Policy?

HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy


The idea of smoke-free apartment policy is not new smoking rule. Since the last decade, there was quite a lot of discussion about the HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy. This policy targets the authorities of public housing and multi-family housing to encourage and establish smoke-free communities. The step was taken in the direction to improve the environmental balance and to reduce many health risks. HUD has also initiated a step ahead in the direction by issuing a 63-page toolkit to the housing communities.

The main motive of this HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy mandates smoke-free public housing communities. This will help in the following:

  • Improving the quality of indoor air

  • Health benefits for the residents

  • Reduction in the risk of diseases

  • Reduction in fire risks

  • Minimizing the maintenance cost

Most of the people are viewing this HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy as a better step towards improving the environmental quality along with the betterment in the people's health. On one hand, where the policy is receiving appreciation from many people, some of them are not totally in support with it.

All the public housing communities must take care of the following points in concern for the HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy:

  • Must create their policy and must obtain the approval from the board on the same

  • Create the entire plan for the proper execution of the policy

  • Focusing on creating the lease amendment relating to the details of the policy

  • Must designate the proper location for the smoking areas

  • Must provide the lease amendment to the residents with 60-days notice period

The housing communities are trying their best to implement this policy as soon as possible for getting the best benefits.

HUD has also declined on the proposal of including the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or ENDS in the prohibited items list. There are no such pieces of evidence that the smoke emitted by these products does not cause health damage and any fire risks. However, there is flexibility to the housing communities to add these items in the list, if they want and feel the need to do so.

The HUD section 8 smoke-free housing policy does not prohibits people from smoking or is neither denying admissions because they smoke. The policy simply won't allow any person, guests, employee, vendor or resident to smoke free environment within the area of 25 feet of the buildings of public housing.