Different Types of Academic Essays

An essay is a sort of writing piece that shows a writer's position and his personal perspective. Likewise, it additionally examines research on a specific point. Sometimes, essays incorporate narrative and subjective contemplations.

Essay writing is a piece of scholastic exercises however commonly a shorter bit of writing. These can be formal and casual and are diverse in nature.

Teachers ordinarily dole out such writing errands to access and screen the writing aptitudes of the students. In this manner, the individuals who don't have great writing aptitudes depend on "write my essay" help to complete their essays.

In any case, in the event that you are wanting to write your essay, you can take help from this article. The primary basic advance is to recognize the essay's sort that you doled out and the systems required to write it.

Types of Academic Essays

There are different types of academic essays. Each of them aims to achieve different goals. The major types of essays include:


  • Narrative Essay


The narrative essay involves the narration of a study or experience by an author. It is mainly written in the first person and provide a detailed description of the topic. Moreover, the purpose of narrative essays is to indulge the audience into personal experience and point of view of the writer.

The topic of these types of essays can be an event, story or incident. It is the duty of the writer to explain it with such detail that the reader feels as if it was there with you to experience it.


  • Descriptive Essay


Descriptive essays describe the topic in detail. However, the discussed topic can be anything such as a place or a person.

They are known for providing in-depth details regarding the subject of various angels and perspectives.

Similarly, a writer describes the topic in terms of:

  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Characters

A good descriptive essay must evoke the senses and emotions of the reader.


  • Argumentative Essay


Argumentative essays help to convince the reader about a particular point of view. Its main goal is to develop an argument on a subject under study. But on the other hand, it also provides both sides of an issue. However, it is important for the writer to support his claim with strong evidence and reasoning.

Lastly, it also presents a central claim in a comprehensive and detailed manner.  


  • Expository Essay


An expository essay only covers the facts and figures. A writer cannot add his own opinion and analysis to it. This makes it simple to write but it could be challenging as well. Thus, it is beneficial to design a well-structured outline and stick to it throughout the process.

An expository essay incorporates different types of essays. They are:

  • Cause and effect essays
  • Process essays
  • Compare and contrast essays


  • Analytical Essay


Such type of essay is involving the analysis of a writing piece by breaking it down into different parts. These are analyzed both individually and as a whole.


  • Admission Essay


Students are also required to write admission essays or personal statements when applying to colleges. It helps the college admission committees to judge the following factors in a student:

  • Capabilities
  • Academic Achievements
  • Writing Skills
  • Future Goals


  • Scholarship Essay


Scholarship essays are mainly written for attaining financial assistance from the academic institution. The purpose of this essay is to persuade and impress the college in a way that they grant them a scholarship.

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