Drinking Viking Party Game Announces Last Days of Crowdfunding Campaign

Drinking Viking, new party card game finds the way to the world of games through crowdsourcing Bratislava, Slovakia, June 03, 2014 - Drinking Viking, a unique party card game, announces last days of an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign with the goal of funding production and publicity of the game. "We have been playing Drinking Viking for years and now we decided to make tha game for everyone," says Peter Suchar, Drinking Viking Game Designer. "Each of us is playing a role in the making of the game. Now is time for you to become a founder of Drinking Viking. The Game The Drinking Viking is a party card game consisting of more than 15 short, funny and interactive mini games with special rules. Each mini game is represented by a unique and fully illustrated card. Drinking Viking is a game for more than 3 players and while there is no limitation on number of players, the optimum number is between 6 and 10 players. The mini games-centric gameplay changes every time a player draws a new card. Players draw cards to find out what kind of game they are going to play and the challenge that lies ahead. Some mini games are based on words, memory or creativity, others on luck, quick reactions and some could be even trickier because they are in play at all times. Drinking Viking suggests the following forms of in-game penalties: Beverage Consumption. As Drinking Viking is a party game, losers can consume a beverage Black Points. The loser of each round gets one Black Point and at the end of the game, the player with the least number of Black Points wins. Strip Viking. Players are encouraged to engage their own "house rules" including variants of the beverage consumption model such as "Strip Viking." Sport Viking. Playing as a sports game is a fun and exercise-encouraging version in which losers must perform push-ups, squats or another chosen form of physical activity. Mini Games Every mini game is well-tested on a fun-factor scale to ensure they bring the right atmosphere to your party. Some of Drinking Viking's mini games include: The Hunt: Three dice are distributed at equal increments between players. Players begin rolling over and over until a six is rolled, when the player then passes the dice to the next player. The goal for players is to avoid letting extra dice catch up to them. Crazy King: "The King" determines a unique rule for every other player to follow. Anyone caught breaking or attempting to break the rule will be punished. Odin: A.K.A. the bluffing game. One player throws the dice secretly and tells the value to the next player. However the player may lie about the result. The next player either believes or disputes the value and attempts to throw a bigger value than the previous player. Either the bad liar or the suspicious fool is punished. Liar, liar!: Players tell each other three things about themselves, one of which is not true. Those who correctly guess the lie remain in play. The Viking: This is the central character of the game. The Viking uses trickery and secret signs to other crew members to start "paddling" during the game without being noticed. The last paddler to join the rest loses. A variety of additional mini games are included in the game as well, and many are already illustrated. These can be viewed in the game gallery. Game Elements The Drinking Viking game elements include: 64 fully illustrated cards Rules written on scroll-like paper 3 wooden dice Illustrated Game box "All you need to play Drinking Viking is you and your friends, a Viking heart, and a gaming spirit," added Peter. "The game can be played virtually anywhere with no boards, no figures and no long setup. You are the figures and you are the board!" Crowdsourcing The Indiegogo campaign's initial goal of €6,000 is currently active and runs through June 15, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details can be found at: http://bit.ly/1m5xVPN. Press Contact: Tibor Kiss MG Invent Ľ. Fullu 16 841 05, Bratislava Slovakia 00421 915 756 754 https://www.facebook.com/drinkingviking