Disrupting a Century old Vehicle Transmission Technology!!!

Columbus, OH, March 28, 2014 - What's new, since the most disruptive upgrade in human mobility over a century ago?

Pioneered by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach with the invention of the internal combustion (IC) engine and Henry Ford with the mass production process, getting around became easier and cheaper. Then, gas prices were cents to the gallon and the basic piston and rings layout which loses over 80% of the energy content from the gas tank to heat while generating the kinetic energy to drive around was really not much of an issue at least until the oil crises of the 70s.

Four decades of research and development investments later, the automotive industry still has the fuel economy problem to deal with since the electric vehicle, plug-in hybrids, Hybrids, Fuel cell, Natural gas vehicles, Continuously variable transmission (CVT), Bio-diesel, solar powered and so on only measured up as niche technologies rather than game changer or DISRUPTIVE.

What made the advent of IC engines and mass production so disruptive was the Physics and Economies of Scale respectively which still constitutes today's automotive industry and defines what will be a mainstream (Disruptive) or niche innovation.

The new Aurtronic Transmission developed by Avotronics Powertrain Inc based in Columbus, Ohio USA will upgrade any IC engine vehicle to hybrid fuel economy level by replacing the transmission, (Automatic or Manual). Following 20 years of product development activities, Avotronics was granted a key US patent in 2013 on the technology and plans to launch Beta vehicle upgrades to selected pilot clients in Q4 2014/Q12015.

Is Aurtronic another niche technology hype or DISRUPTIVE?

Find out more at the Crowdfunding campaign on http://igg.me/at/aurtronic-transmission

Press Contact:
Ugo Nwoke
4449 Easton Way, 2nd Floor Columbus OH 43219
614 537 0261