The Sustainable City

Diamond Developers aspiringly launched The Sustainable City in 2013, and with that, an outstanding vision to accelerate the positive and foreseeable evolution to sustainability in the built environment.

The completion of the initial phase of The Sustainable City was a defining moment in the UAE’s real estate sector, which needless to say, has countless opportunities for broader implementation on a regional and global scale. Comprising of five spectacular
residential clusters, a buffer zone, a central green spine, an equestrian club and a mixed-use development. The second phase comprises of the luxurious Hotel Indigo, a suave country club, a rehabilitation centre, a school, and the cutting-edge Innovation Hub. Dedicated to setting and attaining new standards for sustainable development, Diamond Developers has aligned its business model with responsible global citizenship, making their best efforts to understand global issues, to act with sensitivity about them, and to advance themselves and our world for the better. Through the Diamond Innovation Hub, the company will offer first-rate professional training, promote research and development, host conferences and events, support sustainability start-ups, and provide advisory services to a wide range of stakeholders.


Our Innovation Center aims to advance knowledge and practices related to social, economic, and environmental sustainalbility in the built environment.
Referred to as the brain of The Sustainable City, the Diamond Innovation Centre is the first negative lifecycle footprint building in
the region. This means that over an anticipated 50-year lifespan, the building itself will produce 140 percent of its energy requirement, thus offsetting emissions during construction, operation, and decommissioning.
Through research and development, as well as dedicated conferences and exhibitions, this world-class institution will showcase the latest global advancements in sustainability. Training courses will be offered alongside advisory services to students and
professionals alike, looking to broaden their knowledge in this rapidly evolving industry.
Diamond Developers’ research program already started in 2014 and has so far provided funding to a dozen research programs in
partnership with the University of California, Davis and its network of partner universities in Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine. The Diamond Innovation Centre will house a “smart unit” which will monitor the city’s environmental performance and CO2 footprint, and support the publication of an annual Greenhouse Inventory.


We have ongoing collaborations with leading universities in the region and in the US, as well as with prominent environmental organizations and centers of excellence.
We are working with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF on climate related research and greenhouse reporting.
We are working with Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence to verifiy our greenhouse gas emissions calculations.
We are working with Emirates Green Building Council on the environmental footprint of building materials.
We also provide a platform for the exchange of information between government entities and service providers in Dubai and TSC residents. We work with service providers and business units associated with Diamond Developers including:
CitySolar (solar power)
Tadweer (waste management)
Micropolis (smart solutions)
We consult with DEWA on issues related to solar electric power production including billing systems and procedures.
We consult with RTA on issues related to mobility, sustainable transport, green buses, and electric vehicle licensing.
We consult with Dubai Municipality on issues related to waste management and green waste recycling.
We consult with relevant ministries (climate change, infrastructure development) on key issues affecting the built environment



A modern application of social, enviroment and economy in the built environment. This first operational Net Zero Energy City in Dubai is a game-changer for today’s progressive society and will be a pillar for creating tomorrow’s sustainable world.
Located in Dubailand and spanning over 5,000,000 sq.ft (46 ha.), the City puts a real-time green eco-scape at the heart of your daily life, providing a complete suite of environmental facilities.
The initial phase is close to completion and comprises of five residential clusters, a buffer zone, a central green spine, an equestrian club and a mixed-use development. The City houses 500 villas grouped into five residential clusters, connected to an
urban farm that runs the length of the City. The L-shaped villas combine ergonomic superiority with contemporary design with the uppermost environmental performance standards. The roof terraces, shaded by unobtrusive solar panels, provide ample outdoor space during winter.
The Sustainable City’s water strategy includes water saving devices, greywater recycling, and treated sewage effluent reuse in landscape irrigation.