Request prices for Advertising Plans at FeedsFloor

It is free to have a business profile at FeedsFloor. However, to be even more visible to visitors and potential customers, you can now choose to also advertise at FeedsFloor.

NB: Your advertising request has to be within the scope of FeedsFloor's Terms & Conditions and you need to have a free business profile at FeedsFloor. If you have any specific questions and requests, please contact us at

Please note: Due to the instantaneous nature of placing an ad online, FeedsFloor does not generally offer refunds on advertising fees. Once an ad is posted, the advertisement will immediately be exposed to our Members in an ongoing, 24/7 way. We can’t guarantee that the ads placed will be successful.

We have the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees:
- We will not provide a refund, for any reason, once the advertisement has been published. Advertisements cancelled prior to publishing will be refunded in full.
- Due to the type of advertising sold online, no prorated refunds will be made for any ad cancelled following the first publication.
- Approved refunds for credit card transactions will be made as credits to the credit card account used in the initial transaction.

FeedsFloor reserves the right to edit, classify, reject or cancel any portion or all advertising as determined in FeedsFloor’s terms & conditions.