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Beam Clamps

At Bishop, a reliable online store for lifting equipment, we deliver superior beam clamps to ensure that your lifting task must be accomplished with pure accuracy. Here, we focus on the requirements for the lifting appliance with which it is to be used.

Manufactured with a forged steel attachment eye, the beam clamps that we supply are extremely robust and hard-wearing and have a weighing capacity up to 10 tonnes. We make sure to supply the best-in-class clamps that can fit optimally in the multiple lifting requirements.

The diverse range of beam clamps at our online store can be easily adjusted to fit most of the beams and girders. You just need to turn the central threaded adjusting bar with ease to achieve the correct width.

Safety Measures That We follow for Our Beam Clamps-

Check the clamp for any kind of flaws, if persist, such as faulty beam clamps, hoists and beams.

Ensure that the structure that you are using for clamp suspension is adequate for full load.

Check whether the clamp is suitable for the application and must fit to the beam correctly.

The lifting appliance is made compatible with the clamp.

We check that the clamp should position straight to the centre of gravity of the load, where load must not swing.

When two clamps are used one behind the other, we add an ancillary equipment like a spreader beam.

Our team assures that the suspending attachment must be affixed to your beam clamp with a safety hook to prevent any accidental detachment.

We do not try to replace bolts with the clamp without consulting the supplier because a wrong screw fitting can result in an accident.

In any lifting operation, the main objective is to safely move the load to the desired location without any damage to the load, concerned equipment used and the surroundings. In the beam clamps that we supply, above factors are kept in mind that can lead to an optimized performance without any damage to the person, place or equipment.