Conduct Multi Family Home Inspection by Infinite Energy Solutions

A multifamily home is a great way to earn rental income. But the construction material and supportive system required by multifamily home is quite large and more complex. This way it is more expensive to maintain and build. With such large investment, holding an inspection is just a small thing.

In Tampa Bay area, Infinite Energy Solutions perform multifamily home inspection according to their local standards. They perform Energy Star and Green Certifications for multifamily projects. There is additional funding is available for such projects that carries these certifications.

House Lights Turned on

In a normal multifamily home inspection, there are many systems and components inspected and reviewed. These may include:

· Roof
· Attic
· Exteriors
· Interiors
· Plumbing
· Electricals
· Basement
· Fire insulations

Infinite Energy Solutions experts will provide a full report on what things need to be replaced or repaired as the owner of the house. They have HERS Index rating as the foundation of their energy inspections and this will ensure that how energy efficient a home is. They also help builders to build the buildings meeting the current Florida energy code through HVAC duct testing and blower door testing. They offer builders thermal image inspections along with other services, which will prevent future warranty problems by finding issues behind the walls.

For more information about multifamily home Inspection services and Energy Star and other Green Certifications they provide, please visit their New Construction section: