Why Is Franklin Livingston A Channel Of Truth For Modern America


We all know that Hollywood is not the same as it used to be a decade ago. A few years ago, Hollywood had only white males as the funniest, most heroic, and most risk-taking people. Then some shows and movies began starring black stars as the lead in movies and TV shows. Soon this trend took another turn and projects tended to segregate and began looking like White or Black movies.

Why Is Franklin Livingston A Channel Of Truth For Modern America

The United States, which has already been divided based on color and belief system, never sought out a middle ground or a grey area for its citizens. Billions of dollars have been spent in making right or left-wing citizens wrong by accusations and mockery through news channels, talk shows, movies, Broadway shows, and TV series.

Actors and Filmmakers like Franklin Livingston always questioned why sex appeal, money, and privilege have to be tied to people divided into groups. For example, traditional Hollywood projects always showed Black people ill-mannered, Hispanics loud and of criminal nature involved in selling drugs and prohibited things, and people from Middle Eastern descent as religious extremists, violent, and ready to kill in the name of religion.

Franklin started to research the truth and began incorporating his research work into his film projects. Franklin soon realized that tons of people in the U.S. were as poor as any other country. His time in Chicago made him aware of the south side of Chicago and his days in New York made him witness the lives of those who live in the underprivileged neighborhoods of the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. He said, "I was saddened to witness that people did not have heat in their homes, did not have enough food to eat, did not have the means to attend college, and were in bad debts". Some neighborhoods did not have local subways or hospitals for their residents. Whereas our media shows the world a different story of our country. On the contrary, when our media portrays the socio-economic issues of countries like Pakistan, we only see the worst areas.

Franklin shared that when he was living in New York City he met a large number of people from the Middle East, India, and other parts of the world who had billions invested in the U.S. economy but never bothered about their image on their TV screen. These people were often shown as stupid, tacky, labor class, speaking with a funny accent, and working either at a bodega or as Taxi Drivers. This has created a wrong perception about Americans of Eastern Descent, Franklin said. Because of this, people living in the semi-urban and rural settings of the U.S. have developed a false belief that these people are the problem for the U.S. We, the filmmakers, need to educate people that lIke every white person or family is not a millionaire and many of them are from poor backgrounds. People from eastern backgrounds are also from all over the spectrum. Some are Billionaires and others are day-to-day laborers.

During the pandemic, Franklin decided to create something to make people laugh but something that was based on the truth of America. Franklin hired a team and they all developed a series that revolved around three main social classes of modern America. The series, ROOMATESTM, depicts the lives of Franklin who is a multi-millionaire, studied at Harvard Medical School, graduated as an MD, invented medicine, and took early retirement. His Roommate, Lois represents such people who come to the U.S. especially New York with big dreams and then realize that the life of big cities is not a bed of roses, and finally Franklin’s friend Peechum who is a police officer. Peechum is a lonely male, who doesn't even make enough money to live in Manhattan and represent the working class of America.

Franklin envisions the series being a channel of truth to the broader American and global audiences to laugh at the fun moments these characters encounter. Furthermore, he believes that this series will help Americans gain awareness about different social classes of American and where they intersect, highlighting the truth of the American demographic which, in many cases, are way different than what we have seen on traditional news channels, movies and shows so far.