Spray Coating

60 years of experience in a broad range of cutting-edge solutions. Cefla Finishing has been designing and manufacturing spray-coating equipment since 1960. Today’s innovative solutions cover all current market requirements, can be tailored within an integrated production context and are geared up to tomorrow’s market scenario.



Ranging from user-friendly, one or two-arm, oscillating spray machines for small to medium needs, to more heavy-duty equipment handling large production volumes, our offering spans all customary requirements and incorporates the latest technological benefits we have developed for countless industries. Each solution can be personalised to a degree which will respond to the need for production efficiency, flexibility, ease of maintenance. Different substrates, raised or flat panels, special software, 3D reading barriers. Identify your requirement and we will provide the correct answer.
Discover each one of our automatic spray-coating machines to find the one best-suited to your needs.