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Buy property in Barcelona!

Are you thinking of buying a property in Barcelona, but do not know how to go about it? Would you like some help in searching for the perfect apartment?

Do you need to get a NIE or open a Spanish bank account and don’t know how?

If so, Casamona International can help you. As an international company we all speak English and have employees who speak all the major languages, including Danish. Our contracts and agreements can be in English as well.

At Casamona International we offer the Buyer Consultant service.

  • If you are looking for an apartment in Barcelona – for more than 300.000 euros and need Casamona’s help through the whole buying process
  • If you are looking for an apartment under €300.000 in Barcelona
  • If you are looking for homes outside Barcelona

We would love to help you during the entire buying process – Learn more about the Buyers Package



Buyers Package: For clients looking to buy an apartment in Barcelona

At Casamona International we are offering a new and popular Buyer Consultant service.
In Spain, the process of buying a property or investing in the real estate business can be a complicated task. So, at Casamona we are offering a brand new service called the “Buyer Consultant service”. This has been developed to accommodate for the increased demand from international investors and others interested in investing in the growing Spanish Real Estate market.

If you are looking for something a bit more specific or special, which we may not have immediately available on our website (for example a place outside of Barcelona or a good deal for 100.000 Euros or less) then our “Buyer Agent Contract” could be perfect for you.

Many clients have used and been satisfied with this unique service because it is often difficult in Spain to locate, negotiate and go through the buying process of a property without the help of a professional agent.


Step 1: “Starter and finder fee”

In addition to the numerous apartments we currently advertise, we are able to email you the links of great value apartments for under 200.000 Euros which we do not advertise on our website. We also have access to local databases with more than 5000 properties in Barcelona and the surrounding areas.

We will set up viewings for you (if you have signed a buyer’s contract and the properties are in Barcelona). This service is included in the price.

If the properties are not in Barcelona, we will charge a small fee per day (which will be paid in cash to the agent assistant).
We can help you get an NIE number as well as helping you to create a Spanish bank account.

If you would like Casamona to negotiate on the price, then we will charge 10% of the amount which we have brought it down by.
Step 1 begins as soon as you have signed the ‘buyer-agent contract’.


Step 2: The Arras Contract (Requires an additional fee to Casamona)

Now you have found your flat/house, we will check all legal documents for you and ensure everything is within the law as well as explaining anything to you that you may have questions about.
We will create the first contract or will check it if the other agency creates it.
We will go to Arras with you, or if you cannot go personally, we can do it for you.
More information about Arras Contract


Step 3: Go to Escritura (Requires an additional fee to Casamona)

We will help you find a notary who can speak your language, whether it is English or any other.
We will set up the appointment and a representative from Casamona will accompany you.
We will follow up and assure that any taxes get paid on time.
We can help you install anything necessary for the fully functioning of your phone/electricity/gas and water services or change the names of the existing utility contracts.
You will also receive the keys to your new home.
More information about the Escritura contract

In addition to all this, you will receive a FREE ½ year Management Contract, which includes:
Other services, such as storing a copy of your keys in the casamona office.
We also have a list of reliable and recommended companies and workers if your property is in need of renovation or general maintenance.
We can rent your flat out for you free of charge.


Capital gains

Capital gains are taxable income on the sale of property that must appear on income tax forms for both residents and non-residents. The gain is generally the difference between the sale and purchase values. It is important to note that in this instance the purchase value is the purchase amount PLUS any expenses and taxes paid that were involved, while the sale value is the sale amount MINUS expenses and taxes accrued. The capital gain tax you have to pay is 21%.