Getting Ready for the Oscars. Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies


Denver, CO, Jan 15, 2020 -- Although women have been greatly honored in various Oscar categories, their nominations and wins have been scarce in many others. How do this year’s Oscar nominations stand up?.

A primer on the topic of women and film is now available. Women have been in the film business since the beginning of its existence, when it was a mere flicker of light on the screen. But, not until Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies (Lyons Press), has the extent of their filmmaking contributions – both in front of and behind the camera – been captured and documented so eloquently.  The beautifully illustrated volume coffee table style book, 9.3” x 11”, is an expansive 400 pages.

Best Actress and Beyond
In addition to the acting Oscars, Best Screenplay, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Production Design are just a few of the Oscar categories won by talented, enterprising women over the years.

As the 92nd Academy Awards approach, film buffs of all ages will delight in this award-winning, visually-stunning book.
Hollywood: Her Story, with a foreword by filmmaker, activist and philanthropist Abigail E. Disney, illustrates and brings to life the many women who contributed to the Hollywood film industry over the years. Beginning in 1896 with pioneering female director, Alice Guy-Blaché, authors Jill S. Tietjen, P.E. and Barbara Bridges take readers through a photo-treasury of women and film. From movie legends to directors, producers, editors, screenwriters, stuntwomen, composers, cinematographers and others - more than 1,200 women who have added their talent and creativity in the many categories needed to make a movie are featured in this enlightening and entertaining book.

Praise for Hollywood: Her Story
“It is a great honor to be included in Hollywood: Her Story, alongside so many extraordinary women who have inspired me throughout my life and career.” Sherry Lansing, former president of 20th Century Fox, former Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

About the Authors
The authors of Hollywood: Her Story continue to illuminate readers. Tietjen is an author, speaker, and electrical engineer. She is the co-author of Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America, which received the Daughters of the American Revolution History Award Medal. Tietjen has conducted research into historical women around the world for the past 30 years and speaks around the country about women’s contributions to history.
Bridges has spent much of her life as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. In 2006, she founded Women+Film, a program in partnership with the Denver Film Society, where she has been bringing audiences together with films, by and about women, that ignite discussions around global issues facing women today. With the annual Women+Film Festival, a section of movies in the Denver Film Festival and movie screenings throughout the year, it is a popular film program that not only entertains but educates and inspires as well.

“Hollywood: Her Story pays tribute to all the talented female filmmakers and artists who have been involved in every facet of the industry’s development.  These include famous names as well as those whose names would be unknown to most prior to this book,” said Bridges.
Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies won two 2019 Best Book Awards in the categories of Best Interior Design Award and Performing Arts. It was also a finalist for Best Cover Design: Non-Fiction and Novelty & Gift Book.  
Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies is available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM! Books A Million and Indie Bound as well as at independent bookstores. 

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