Sawmill in Chernigov

We have a new sorting line for logs which is added out side the main hanger in this facility, this enables us to sort logs prior to cutting for maximum yield. 

We started installing our line on 30/08/2017 and completed everything on 30/10/2017. Our commercial production will commence on the morning of 01/11/2017

This line is an all disc cutting line , starting with prisma machine TD-500 KBA which can accept logs of diameters up to 40cm. Then we move the prismas (center beams)  to the multi rip disc machine WD-250/350 KBA 220mm height. 

The side boards will go through two machines OP-500 КВА (Horizantal slicing ) &OWD-4/350 КВА (vertical edger with laser pointer for moving disc)

finally , we will cross cut everything on the 6m long also provided from Walters 


target sizes :

We plan to cut mainly beams 32/38/50mm thickness with multiple width for our South East Asia market , we will also have a parralel 19mm program from side boards which we ae also sellign into the same markets for different applications 


Capacity :

Targeting 700-800m3 / month capacity of this sawmill. 

ALL material will be trasported to our kalinovka , drying and treatment facility which is exactly 100km away.