Waste Management

An integral part of Bee’ah, Tandeef, the waste collection and management division, offers systematic and sustainable solutions for a variety of community & commercial needs. The division caters to millions of residents through municipal services, and to a large number of commercial establishments through contracted waste management. Tandeef is also credited with finding smart solutions for integrated waste management and makes use of cutting-edge technology like geo-tagged smart bin sensors and automated route optimization, as well as an advanced fleet consisting of eco-friendly vehicles, for optimum performance. A revolutionary endeavor by the division is the introduction of the innovative, solar-powered smart bins, which act as Wi-Fi hotspots, while being directly linked to Bee’ah’s control room for fast & efficient waste collection.


Municipal Collection & Cleansing

Tandeef is responsible for the collection and cleansing of municipal waste across several regions of the UAE, including the emirate of Sharjah, selected zones of Abu Dhabi and others. The division provides street sweeping, cleaning, waste management and collection, and beautification services for the maintenance of pavements and public areas, as well as a state-of-the-art collection service for the safe and responsible disposal of waste in residential areas.


Commercial Collection

Tandeef meets the waste collection needs of a number of renowned establishments across Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. Combining the skills of a specialized team, with global experiences & local knowledge, Tandeef is well-equipped to handle the needs of public and private organizations of all sizes and sectors, through a personalized, efficient and environmentally-sound disposal mechanism. Collected waste is processed at the Bee’ah Waste Management Centre at Al Saj’ah and reintegrated into the economy. Some of Tandeef’s most notable clients include Burj Khalifa, DWTC, TECOM and Marina Mall.


Bee'ah Tadweer

Tadweer, Bee’ah’s Waste Sorting and Treatment division, invests heavily in waste sorting, processing, treatment and recycling facilities, to maximize efficiency in using resources, to attain sustainability goals. The division works towards processing waste in such a way that products can be recycled, recovered, regenerated and put back into the economy, to fuel a sustainable and environmentally conscious cycle.



A number of recycling facilities have been set up at the Waste Management Centre including those catering to paper, plastic, tyres, rubber, vehicles, metal, electronic waste, industrial liquid waste, construction & demolition waste etc. The Tyre Recycling Facility has the only cryogenic system in the Middle East and recycles around 3,000,000 tyres annually, while the Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facility is responsible for processing 500,000 tons of waste annually and happens to be one of the busiest in the world. The Liquid Waste Recycling Facility is equipped to separate oil and waste from water. The Bee’ah Waste Management Centre also houses a compost plant which processes organic and vegetation waste. The E-waste Dismantling & Processing Facility dismantles, recycles and disposes of consumer goods and counterfeits, by separating them based on functionality, reparability and hazardous nature of components. Housing one of the world’s most powerful shredding machines, the Car and Metal Shredding & Recycling Facility, shreds old car bodies and separates metal, glass and plastic components for recycling. Recognizing the increasing scope and need for segregation in recycling, Bee’ah is in the process of building new facilities for Wood Waste Processing & Recycling, Used Cooking Oil Processing & Recycling, Paper & Cardboard Recycling, Plastic Film Recycling and PET Plastic Recycling. To know more about our facilities Click Here



Tadweer also has a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which is the third largest in the world and the largest in the Middle East. The MRF is a specialized facility that sorts and separates recyclable materials from municipal solid waste, through mechanical and manual processes. It has an annual capacity of 600,000 tons, processing around 2000 tons, daily, of which an estimated 70% is being recycled and thus, diverted from the landfill. Paper, plastic, aluminum and steel cans are sent to specialized facilities and processed for reuse in the economy, while the organic waste is sent to the compost plant, and non-recyclables are deposited in the engineered landfill.



Rubber products are typically recycled into jogging tracks, rubber tiles & other useful materials while tyres are converted to crumb rubber, which is used to create stadium playing areas, miniature golf courses, play grounds etc. The waste from the Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facility is reused as aggregate for roads, pavements and walkways while the water collected, after processing, from the Liquid Waste Recycling Facility is used for irrigation & energy purposes. Waste from the compost plant is converted to fertilizer and used for irrigation, farming and the greening of Sharjah’s pavements and streets. To know more about our recycled products Click Here


Bee'ah Residuals Management

Bee’ah has also created a strategic system for the disposal of residual waste. Through the use of innovative technology and a team of dedicated experts, Bee’ah has been able to achieve the highest rate of diversion from landfill, in the Middle East. In addition to finding new opportunities for better waste management, like the overseeing of one of the largest landfills in the world, Bee’ah is also exploring new avenues in the form of the disposal of hazardous waste, specifically medical waste.


Landfill Management

In 2009, Bee’ah took over the operation and maintenance of Al Saj’ah, one of the largest landfills in the world. Within a short time, through the use of improved infrastructure and a well-regulated process, Bee’ah has been able to transform Al Saj’ah into the only fully engineered landfill in the region, which complies with international standards. The landfill has been integrated into Bee’ah’s overall waste management strategy, offering a safe and controlled disposal and recovery process.


Medical Waste

Wekaya, Bee’ah’s joint venture with Green Planet, is a premier medical waste management facility. It specializes in the safe collection, treatment and disposal of medical waste. By using stringent control measures, accurate documentation and advanced systems, Wekaya ensures maximum infection control, establishing itself as the facility of choice for healthcare establishments, throughout the region. To know more about Wekaya Click Here