Environmental Consultancy Services

The Environmental Consultancy Division of Bee’ah provides expert environmental solutions serving a broad range of industries and organizations. Our services cover air, soil and water quality, waste management studies, ecological surveys, environmental and safety assessments, and remediation of contaminated sites.

1. Air Quality

Bee’ah operates Sharjah’s ambient air quality monitoring network through distributed stations equipped with state-of-the art analyzers. Our air quality services include:

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Indoor and work-space air quality monitoring
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)
  • GHG Emissions and Inventory
  • Carbon footprinting


2. Ecological Surveys

We provide clients with comprehensive ecological baseline surveys and GIS-based mapping, including:

  • Terrestrial Ecology Surveys
  • Marine Ecology Surveys
  • Soil Classification Surveys
  • Relocation of Flora and Fauna


3. Environmental Studies

We provide clients with an array of environmental studies to ensure their compliance with local and federal regulatory requirements, including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Risk Assessment (RA)
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Health, safety and environmental audits


4. Safety Studies

We provide industries with process safety assessment for early identification of potential hazards, design deficiencies, and zoning of flammable areas, including:

  • Hazard Identification Study (HAZID)
  • Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)


5. Waste Management

We provide clients with comprehensive and innovative waste management solutions, including:

  • Waste recycling and reusing solutions
  • Waste minimization plans
  • Waste audit and characterization
  • In-house treatment and neutralization of waste
  • Wastewater treatment options


6. Remediation and Monitoring

We provide clients with comprehensive environmental monitoring, contamination assessment, and remediation of contaminated sites, including:

  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Groundwater vulnerability assessment
  • Seawater quality monitoring
  • Oil and chemical spill contingency plans


Bee'ah Energy

In keeping with its mandate of adopting sustainable practices, Bee’ah understands that the use of renewable energy sources is pivotal to the preservation of natural resources and for the reduction of pollution levels. To this end, Bee’ah has discovered ways to leverage the benefits of clean energy through solar power generation and by maximizing efficiency in waste-to-energy conversion.



Bee’ah holds ownership of the region’s first, and the world’s largest, gasification plant. The plant has the capacity to process around 160,000 tons of non-recyclable waste annually, generating a gross output of 35 MW of energy, which can be used to power around 50,000 homes. This project provides clean energy to address Sharjah’s growing energy needs, while reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases.

In confirmation of Bee’ah’s commitment to exploring alternative energy sources, the company has entered into a partnership with Masdar, to develop a new waste-to-energy facility, which will incinerate up to 35 tonnes of solid waste, per hour. The power produced by this facility, will be added to that produced by Bee’ah’s gasification plant, to supply a total of 90 MW of green energy, to the Sharjah electricity grid.


Bee'ah Air

As an environmental management company, Bee’ah is concerned with the preservation of key components of the environment like air and water. With this in mind, Bee’ah uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor the pollution levels and quality of the atmosphere and propose necessary action. Bee’ah is also pursuing new areas of research to explore innovative ways to use, recycle and understand available resources.


Air Quality Monitoring

Bee’ah has instated an ambient air quality monitoring system to monitor atmospheric pollution levels in Sharjah. Advanced monitoring equipment has been installed in key commercial, residential & industrial regions of the emirate, in addition to the use of a mobile unit. The equipment gathers data, which can be analyzed to produce accurate records of emissions. Necessary action and mitigation strategies can then be undertaken to ensure the well-being of all citizens.


Gulf Ecosystems Research Center

Established under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, the Gulf Ecosystems Research Center (GERC), is a joint venture with the American University of Sharjah (AUS), which seeks to encourage research, thought and leadership roles towards environmental issues. Key areas of research are pollution-oriented and make use of the knowledge and expertise of acclaimed geologists, biologists, geographers and engineers, to supply information to educational institutions, agencies, environmental management and urban development programs, and other industries. The Centre aims to become the global focal point for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in environmental research.


Bee'ah Water

Embracing a more holistic view of the environment, Bee’ah’s core mandate extends to the conservation of all water resources. In 2015, Bee’ah undertook water quality studies on two iconic landmarks in the city of Sharjah, the Al Khalid and Al Khan lagoons. Findings from these studies have helped Bee’ah to implement strategies for prevention of pollution and for better water circulation in these water bodies. Bee’ah continues to be in active pursuit of such opportunities to protect and conserve the UAE’s natural resources.