Environmental Community Engagement

The Bee’ah School of Environment, a bilingual environmental educational initiative, was established in 2010, with the aim of creating a generation of educated, accountable young adults. BSOE increases environmental awareness and instills responsibility in children, through engaging and interactive activities, environmental teaching tools & annual workshops for teachers & students alike. Through its online portal, www.bsoe.ae, and the offline program, BSOE has been able to engage over 170,000 students and 5000 teachers, so far, ensuring the creation of a greener future. The BSOE also incentivizes environmental education in a competitive manner by hosting two annual school competitions. The first of these is the Sharjah Environmental Awareness Award, which is open to students of all ages and encourages creative expression, focused on key environmental issues. The second initiative is the Inter School Recycling Competition, which promotes waste reduction and inculcates recycling habits in students.

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Environmental Awareness

In addition to inculcating environmental responsibility in children, Bee’ah also strives to educate, enlighten and encourage citizens to assimilate environmental values and take steps towards conservation and protection. Bee’ah has undertaken several initiatives like the implementation of clean-up campaigns, awareness workshops, distribution of colored recycling bags, as well as the setting up of the residential recycling programme and reverse vending machines. Bee’ah forms partnerships with government bodies, educational institutions and other entities to further environmental causes, while also organizing and participating in environmental events and summits, across the region.


Bee'ah Rewards

As part of its CSR strategy to instill the act of recycling in every resident of the UAE, Bee’ah has launched the Bee’ah Rewards program. This new program aims to incentivize recycling by rewarding lucky winners every month, with exciting prizes. At the heart of the program, lies the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) which members of the public can use to recycle their used plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Each time a recyclable is deposited, the RVM issues a receipt with a unique barcode, which the user scans through the Bee'ah mobile application, qualifying them to enter the Bee'ah Rewards monthly draw.
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