5 Unique and famous things to do in Hatton garden


Have you heard of Hatton Garden and are looking forward to visiting there very soon? If yes, then you must be looking for what you can do after reaching there. There are plenty of unique things that you can do around this renowned market of London awaiting your visit. While this place is undoubtedly popular as a Jewellery hub of London, there are many more things you can try out. So here, we have selected for you the most interesting things that you can do when you visit Hatton Garden.


The 5 Unique and famous things to do in Hatton garden


  • Shop for Jewellery.

If you are looking for a place to find the best jewelry shops, then Hatton Garden is the answer. And, no one can ignore this fact in the list of 'things to do.' In most cases, stepping into Hatton Garden jewellers means that you are looking forward to making a purchase or finding information about specific jewellery. And we suggest you must not miss the marvelous pieces of Hatton gardens engagement rings. Most of the jewellery shops here have existed for an immemorial time, and there are hundreds of skilled artisans who are ready to showcase their collection, ongoing offers, and history with you.


  • Drink refreshed iced tea.

When you visit Hatton Garden, it will not be easy for you to resist trying one of the refreshing iced teas from Good and Proper Tea. Don’t say that you do not love iced tea. We are not going to list its un-ending benefits, hoping you already know that. And if you are among those who get tempted just by hearing about special iced teas, you can quench your thirst with different flavors like sparkling Hibiscus, mint, lemon verbena, etc along with in tea.


  • Shop for bridal wear.

Which woman does not want to make her wedding day memorable with the best bridal wear? If your wedding is only after a few months and you have no plan about where to buy your dress, we would recommend visiting Hatton Gardens bridal shop named Mia Sposa Central London. They have a massive collection of the most beautiful wedding wear for both the groom and the bride. If you walk down the Hatton Garden and visit their lovely shop, you will admire their excellent options for bridal products.


  • Enjoy drinks on the Argyle rooftop.

Many people visit Hatton Garden to experience the extreme feeling of enjoying a variety of drinks at the rooftop of The Argyle while overlooking the leather lane. This rooftop is among the best place in London where you can enjoy drinking, relaxing, and chatting with friends, families, and workmates. It is one of the dream destinations for most people, and if you visit it once, you will not miss a drink from this pub when you revisit Hatton Garden.


  • Take Lunch on the Leather lane.

Another great thing to do when you visit Hatton Garden is treating your taste buds with the Lunch on the Leather lane. Its name sounds like you are just going to find readily available leather, but that was a matter of the past. Now you can have the most enticing and delicious food there at lunchtime from Monday to Friday, and that includes your favorite street dish too.


From buying the most beautiful ornaments from the best Jewellers in Hatton garden to having your favorite meals at a reasonable price, there is a lot to do around in this place. So visit there, explore the options and access the impeccable services