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Solutions and Services


The company provides integrated solutions for automation and control of mechanical applications according to the international standard in this field; this gives the customer the following benefits:

  • Precision in executing control commands.
  • Speed in the implementation of control commands.
  • Achieve high efficiency in difficult work conditions.
  • The ability of linking between electric devices in various sites to be managed centrally, with
  • the possibility of linking them to centralized control systems. Our Engineering Department design and implement electrical control systems for mechanical

applications that requires:

  • Great operational torque.
  • High open and close operational speed.
  • High accuracy in operation.
  • Existence in some locations difficult for technical staff to access.
  • Preferably automatically controlled through closed control loop, due to the difficulty of relying on the human factor in operation or in need of a quick reaction without relying on the human factor.


As part of our aim to protect the investment done by the customers in the electrical control systems, and desire to support our customers in reducing their investments in the provision of spare parts at their warehouses, we introduced the service of overhauling. This service is implemented during customer's regular stoppage of work for comprehensive overhauling. The overhaul workshop is done at the customer site and applies the following steps:

  • Survey on all electric equipments on site, whatever their origin was, to ensure compliance with technical requirements of safe operation.
  • Categorize the equipments based on their type and model and check their compatibility with the application.
  • Identify the equipments that need comprehensive overhauling and the equipments that need preventive maintenance in order to increase their efficiency.
  • Provide original spare parts.
  • Raise the operational efficiency of the equipments.
  • Reduce the consumed spare parts by replacing the defective parts only.
  • Configure a number of reserve units to cover the existing applications instead keeping diversified spare parts over the years.


Maintenance service is considered one of the essential services to any production or service facility due to its importance in:

    • Constantly maintaining a good condition and performance of the equipments, hence increasing productivity with higher quality.
    • Increase the life span of the equipments in order to achieve higher return on investment.
    • Reduce the incidence of malfunction that leads to production stoppage and financial losses.
    • Achieve stable operational conditions.

Based on the above ATEC Provides the following maintenance services:

1- Preventive Maintenance

Is a set of tests and services that are done to the equipments on a regular basis according to specific and time-bound plan to address any deficiencies, if any, before any damage occurs. This service either includes spare parts or doesn't include spare parts depending on the contract. The customer gets the following benefits by applying the preventive maintenance service:

  • Planned maintenance schedule that puts the equipments in an always-available state.
  • Reduce the stock of spare parts.
  • Reduce unexpected work interruptions due to early diagnosis of problems.
  • Zero idle time due to coding standby units for safe operations.

2- Service Center

The company established a service center in 1999 and since that time and the service center provide maintenance and repair for electrical equipments through highly qualified engineers, and a long history of experience in various industrial applications.

Consultation and training

The Arabian Telecontrol & Engineering Center provides engineering consultancy services for new projects and modernization projects to reach the optimal design in line with international standards and to ensure the success of the project and access to the highest degree of efficiency.
The Center also provides professional on-site training for all AUMA products so that the customer engineers can operate in the most efficient way possible.