Two Comedians Try to Make a Million Dollars with Side Hustles in the Gig Economy

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Los Angeles, CA, March 18, 2020 -- From charging electric scooters to selling plasma to winning a car on The Price Is Right, co-hosts Nick Turner and Nick Vatterott are on a mission to make one million dollars in Get Rich Nick, a weekly hour-long comedy podcast from the Earwolf Podcast Network.

Comedians Turner and Vatterott go into the field, sign up for a new task, and get first-hand knowledge about the real struggle behind side hustles and the gig economy. Their adventures have made them accidental experts on the gig economy and side hustles.

“We wanted to work on something together and it was either do a podcast or restore a muscle car,” says Turner. “Since we know nothing about cars, we did this podcast. I wish there was a podcast like ours when I was in college that gave different ideas and reviews on how to make money!”

“We get to bring listeners along to Tijuana or a night of babysitting without them having to deal with all the screaming and vomit,” laughs Vatterott.

Their favorite gig was winning a car on The Price is Right. Notes Vatterott, “The Price is Right was probably the most fun because it was so surreal, especially when the ‘Pod Gods’ smile down on you and you've won a new car! We still can't believe it. Tijuana was a lot of fun, too!”

The duo is currently lining up episodes where they investigate self-publishing an e-book, buying Bitcoin, and ridesharing. Turner adds, “People have been bugging us to do a ridesharing episode, so we're going to drive for Uber since Uber is sort of the poster child for the new gig economy.”

Exactly how much money have Turner and Vatterott made so far? “I would say that we are a million away from a million, minus a car!” jokes Turner.

Nick Turner is a regular cast member on VH1’s Best Week Ever, I Love the 2000's, Game Show Network's Lie Detectors, and TruTV's Almost Genius. His debut album, Yelling, was released in 2016 through Comedy Central Records. Turner has done stand-up on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He is the co-host of Deckheads (iHeartRadio) and, has recently starred in the Comedy Central digital series, Ya Killin’ Me!.

Nick Vatterott is the recipient of the prestigious Andy Kaufman Award and named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the "break-outs" of the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He’s performed on Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and written for Real Time with Bill Maher. Vatterott’s comedy album, For Amusement Only, was named one of the “Top Ten Albums of the Year” by Vulture. Chicago magazine chose Vatterott as “The Funniest Man in Chicago”.

Get Rich Nick is produced by Lyra Smith and Kimmie Lucas for Earwolf Podcast Network. Their websites are &

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