Important Tips Before Buying Handicrafts Online

If you are interested in buying the eccentric and unique Indian handicrafts, then you will happy to know that they make an excellent addition to your collection. They can easily double up as your home décor items and also bring in the local flavour of the country in your homes. The designs and intricacy of crafts in India are so exquisite that they are not only famous here but also all over the world [].


Even though it is very easy to Buy Mandala Paintings these days, but can you tell for sure that what you just bought is absolutely authentic? Since handcrafted items are being sold online globally, it has become imperative to conduct few basic checks to ensure that what you are buying is 100% genuine.

  • Your likelihood of being fooled into buying a cheap lookalike reduces significantly if you keep yourself informed about Indian handicrafts in general. Always conduct research about what you are planning to buy. If you know what factors contribute to the authenticity of an art, you are much likelier to make an informed decision. But how does one do that in an online store? You can check the legitimacy of an online seller, in that case. If your seller is authentic, he will stay true to the products and its quality.
  • Having said that, when it comes to buying intricate Indian art, never settle for a cheap looking website that is offering unreasonable discounts on a delicate art. Many local artisans have been able to setup their own online store and offer genuine art. However, sometimes these artisans do not have the means to have their own online store. In this case, you can check with the respective state governments and their websites that are guaranteed to give you true products.
  • You can also ask around from your friends or colleagues you know are a collector. They will usually know where to find what item and its reliable source. Locals usually have a lot of information about the artisans that one can buy from directly. Based on this word-of-mouth reference, you are much likelier to find an honest seller of Indian crafts.
  • he biggest giveaway that the product is a fake is their price. Since handicrafts are created through a painstakingly meticulous process, they cannot be mass produced and hence they are so expensive. But if you see a silk fabric at ridiculously discounted price, then it is guaranteed to be a fake. The trick is to never fall for outrageous prices and be willing to pay the high price that a genuine craft demands.

Every Indian handcrafted material has a history and a cultural reference that explains why the product exists, in the first place. Knowing what you are buying will help you put right value on it and also help you preserve in the long run.

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