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Street Lighting

Street Lighting

Smart Series


Al Babtain Smart Series offers a high level of performance while providing wide distribution of the light to meet enterprise, service provider, and small-and-medium business organization expectations.

The Smart Series is also CE marked ensuring the compliance with the European legislation, for verifying all the fundamental safety, health and environmental protection requirements. They are versatile street light luminaires, aesthetically designed with dedicated facet optics to optimize the beam control and to achieve an excellent lighting level.



The ECO series has a premium trend while providing a cost-effective solution to meet all the needs with its economic model.

Riyadh Series


Riyadh series has intelligent technical qualifications that foreseen all possible expectations, which makes illuminating the rural streets its’ main unique selling point.

Z Series


The Z-series includes adjustable reflective mirror for managing and provisioning the amount of light on the road. Its great coverage capabilities make its usage concentrated on high ways.

CA Series


Offering a high level of performance is one of the reasons for the great demanding power of the CA-series. The wide spread of light can reduce the number of light used, thus having an economical effect. Also its unique box design preserves its essence, which is favored by many people.



Our commitment to industry standards results in granting Baha Lighting with the CE mark. Baha’s optimization for short heights and small voltage helps it to be always used for urban lighting.



With the high performance of Tripoli, wide beam lighting technologies can deliver solid productivity returns and significant environmental benefits, cutting down the number of poles used. Being CE marked guarantees its verifiable international standards quality.