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The report firstly introduced DINP Plasticizer basic information included DINP Plasticizer definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview; international market analysis, China domestic market analysis, Macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis, DINP Plasticizer industry policy and plan, DINP Plasticizer product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. then statistics Global and China key manufacturers DINP Plasticizer capacity production cost price profit production value gross margin etc information, and Global and China DINP Plasticizer capacity production market share supply demand shortage import export consumption etc data statistics, and DINP Plasticizer 2009-2014 capacity production price cost profit production value gross margin etc information. And also listed DINP Plasticizer upstream raw materials and down stream analysis and DINP Plasticizer marketing channels industry development trend and proposals. I

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This month’s big fall in the price of oil should be good news for much of the world’s economy. But so far markets have been telling a different story.
Europe’s main securities regulator has watered down proposed reforms to the way asset managers pay for stock research after lobbying by the industry and some national regulators.
Fake Instagram accounts were deleted during the "Instapurge," leading to dented celeb egos and loss of followers.
German researchers have discovered security flaws that could let hackers, spies and criminals listen to private phone calls and intercept text messages on a potentially massive scale - even when cellular networks are using the most advanced encryption now available. The flaws, to be reported at a hacker conference in Hamburg this month, are the latest evidence of widespread insecurity on SS7, the global network that allows the world's cellular carriers to route calls, texts and other services to each other. Experts say it's increasingly clear that SS7, first designed in the 1980s, is riddled with serious vulnerabilities that undermine the privacy of the world’s billions of cellular customers.
Stocks have a good chance of drifting higher in the week ahead, giving the year a bullish finale.
Source Market Insights; GCC provides an overview of the Gulf Cooperation Council outbound market, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides a better understanding of the number of GCC tourists going abroad, their spending habits and main destination markets. Key Findings The GCC’s outbound market saw impressive growth over the last few years, with over 37 million outbound made in 2013, with Saudi Arabia leading the way increasing 18 million to 21 million trips between 2012-13.  Gulf nationals are big spenders when abroad. In 2013, they spent over US$65 billion on outbound expenditure but this is set to increase by over US$100 billion by 2018. GCC tourists are now traveling more than ever with the increased LCC flights availability.  Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE continue to be the main source markets for GCC tourists in 2013. Shopping is the main activity for GCC nationals in the UAE, while religious tourism in the f

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The global car rental market performed well during the historic period, recovering from the slowdown recorded at the beginning of 2009 due to the financial crisis and recession. Overall, growth was recorded in the four regions – Americas, Asia–Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa – across all key performance indicators (KPIs) during the historic period. This is expected to continue over the forecast period, supported by the rise in tourism flows and expenditure. Key Findings According to the Travel &Tourism intelligence center (TTIC) analysis based on 40 countries around the world, the US was the leader in the car rental market in terms of both market value and fleet size. The US recorded US$28.6 billion market value in 2013, which is more than six times that of its competitor, Japan, which recorded US$4.2 billion market value in 2013 The Eurozone crisis had a negative impact on the Travel and Tourism sector in European countries. However, car re

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“World Cigarettes - Canada 2014” is a new report by ERC that focuses on the extent to which Canada Cigarettes market has evolved in line with changing smoking habits, the competitive environment and economic developments, as well as analyzing the implications market realignments have had on top multinational companies. Key Findings In 2013 per capita consumption is put at 799 pieces per person, 52% down on its level in 1990. Another further fall is forecast for 2014 to 762 pieces per person.  Market value dropped by 2.1% in 2013 to C$ 13.34 billion as a result of a fall in volume. This nevertheless places the market 49.6% up on 1990.  Forecasts for 2014 are for a further 3.9% fall with tax rises at the beginning of 2014 the main reason. Synopsis “World Cigarettes - Canada 2014” report is a qualitative report providing extensive and highly detailed consumption data on the Cigarettes industry in Canada. This report is the res

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“World Cigarettes - USA 2014” is a new report by ERC that focuses on the extent to which USA Cigarettes market has evolved in line with changing smoking habits, the competitive environment and economic developments, as well as analyzing the implications market realignments have had on top multinational companies. Key Findings With demand in long-term decline, per capita consumption levels are also falling to a level of 864 pieces in 2013. This is more than half the level consumed in 1990. On the basis of forecasted volume decline in 2014, this is expected to fall to 831 pieces per person per year. The US cigarette market was worth an estimated US$ 78,656 billion in 2013, excluding local sales taxes. A key development had been the growth in imports which prior to 1997 were almost non-existent, although since reaching a peak in 2003 import volumes have begun to reduce and were down to 6.42 billion pieces in 2011, before recovering somewhat in 2012 and 2013.

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