Ketozin - Must Know About Its Harsh Effects!!!

Ketozin With all the information we receive every day on weight loss, it's hard to sort out the true to the wrong. For a long time, weight loss has been associated with eating less and burning more calories through sports.

It is clear that among all the people who followed these recommendations, many find themselves frustrated or disappointed and find that not eating enough does not automatically lose weight and can even make you fat! Explanations.


Why not eat enough makes you fat
 People who have followed repetitive and draconian regimes over time have difficulty maintaining a stable weight. The body, which has no more answer to its daily energy needs, will distribute the calories it receives to vital organs in the form of fat stores and reduce the amount of calories spent on rest and exercise.

Result: we grow! A diet low in fat, carbohydrates and carbohydrates is to be banned and constitutes a real danger to health.

In addition to weight gain, this type of diet will cause symptoms such as increased appetite and decreased bodybuilding.

The reduction of protein and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants) will cause great physical and psychological fatigue as well as some irritability and mood swings much more frequent.

The solutions to lose weight without depriving oneself
To lose weight easily, you must first learn to identify foods to avoid: replace frozen dishes with ready meals.

Favor the menus based on fruits and vegetables. Opt for cereal bread instead of a white wand ... so many little tips that will save you time on your slimming program.

Watch your eating habits and avoid nibbling between meals. Indulge yourself by eating a fruit or a compote at noon or afternoon tea instead of your usual sweet biscuits! To stop the feeling of hunger, why not prepare a tea or herbal tea flavored for the evening?

Finally, it is no longer a secret for anyone, practicing physical activity is recommended to lose weight quickly without depriving themselves for all that. Only 30 minutes of sport a day and you win a dream silhouette after a few months of regular practice.


Target the sport that best suits your needs and the part of the body you want to strengthen: fitness, water aerobics, cycling, swimming ... you're spoiled for choice!

Not eating enough is not the way to lose weight. Eating healthy foods in small amounts with a balanced and balanced plate distribution will not only bring you benefits.