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York, United Kingdom – 6 June 2017 – SecuriCare is a company providing specialist health and Safety training designed to help staff manage work related violence, disruptive behaviour and deal with challenging behaviour across all sectors, including; health and social care, NHS, transport, public services, retail, education, airlines and security. SecuriCare company provide courses including conflict management, conflict resolution, challenging behaviour, personal safety, physical intervention and restraint training. Training and courses are Nationally Accredited by Pearson, ICM, SIA and BTEC. They also offer Qualified Teacher/Trainer Awards at Level 3. SecuriCare also provide support with risk assessment and the development of safe working practice and staff guidance.

Targeted trainings allow your business to remain stable. You must be sure that people, employees and contractors are able to perform their functions and realize the need for compliance with standards, manufacturing practices and legislative requirements. SecuriCare trainings ensure that people working for your organization are trained to enable them to perform work in a manner that takes into account the health and safety of themselves and other people.

The solutions offered by SecuriCare are presented in website’s category Training Solutions. This category includes eight sections, each with subsections. Training Solutions by SecuriCare are provided for: Social Care/NHS (Care Certificate Online and Workbook Training, Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour Training, Positive Behaviour Support Training (PBS), Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Elderly Care), Adoptive Parents (Safe Holding), Aviation (Disruptive Passenger Management, Disruptive Passenger Restraint Kits), Security (SIA Training Courses, Other Training, Equipment), Retail & Leisure (SIA Courses, Other Training), Local Authority (Online Courses, Training), Education (Online Courses, Training) and First Aid (Training).

Many of training courses offered by SecuriCare are available online. The Online Training Academy provides access to online courses around-the-clock, 365 days a year.  This allows your employee to work at his own pace and learn at a time that is convenient for him. Certificates are issued directly to the learner on successful completion and are also archived for management audit purposes. Nominated course administrators can track and monitor the progress of individual learners with ease.

To learn more information about courses, trainings and certificates offered by SecuriCare, check out the section Frequently Asked Questions. There you will be able to find answers in regards to approvement and recognition of program, accreditation of program, options of trainings for traieners or coachers and things you and your employees should know about Security Industry Authority Licensing and Trainings.


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