Racing Tips For Beginner And Seasoned Bettors Available At RedHotRaceTips

RedHotRaceTips ( understands the need of bettors to come up with the best strategies to increase their chances of winning. With that being said, they are proud to inform everyone that they are offering comprehensive horse racing tips that both beginner and expert bettors can understand.

RedHotRaceTips offers a collection of researched-based horse racing statistics for free. According to them, “Forget about the vague, generalised information you receive from newspaper tipsters and TV pundits! How often do their selections come in? Instead of basing your selections on someone else’s opinion or gut feeling, why not base them on stats”? RedHotRaceTips covers all races across the United Kingdom and Ireland every day, gathering information from more than a thousand horses.

RedHotRaceTips presents their data using a simple colour-coded table. This way, visitors can easily find the best and worst horses to bet on in just a single glance. The table can be viewed in three different ways: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. In Basic Mode, general statistics will be shown, such as the name of the horse, its weight advantage, odds and market moves, and a lot more. For Advanced and Expert Modes, complex data will be added, such as the jockey and owner statistics, potential BFR rating for the day, and much more. Through this feature, the table can cater to the needs of beginner and seasoned bettors alike. For further guidance, RedHotRaceTips has a tutorial video on their website that explains in detail how to use their table.

Because of this system, RedHotRaceTips is able to provide statistics more accurate than anything in existence today, from either Official Rating, Racing Post Tips Rating, or Timeform Rating.

Aside from horse statistics, RedHotRaceTips also offers more information about the upcoming horse races. Their website also contains a short description or history about a particular race, the weather forecast for the day of the race, a description of the racecourse, and a lot more. They even gather the latest news about horse racing from social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. By doing this, RedHotRaceTips can keep the visitors updated about injured jockeys, postponed race schedules, and many more.

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