Vane Awdis Therapy Official Music Video on YouTube

26 August 2017 - Vane Awdis released an official music video on his YouTube account that you must watch if you love Rap music.

HipHop music is one of the most influential style in the world. Few genres of music had the same impact on generations of people, and there is no doubt, that rap music will persist and evolve and will always be present. Today, rap music is a little different from its roots. Some say that this is bad, while the majority state that this is something normal, and it should evolve, especially that today, rap and hip-hop music is listened by the masses. A fairly new rap artist, but with a long history of working in the studio among the greatest rappers is Vane Awdis.

Vane Awdis is a young artist, and in his rhymes, you can detect the struggle of daily life, relationships. He comes from a poor background, but he built his career from nothing. His biggest influences are Tech N9ne, Chino XL, Drake,Tory Lanez, Eminem, and Joe Budden. If you listen to his songs you can hear in the instrumentals some of the traps and beats from these rappers. He self-taught music, and because of his great talent, Vane Awdis has been noticed by some of the most famous rap artists in the world. He played on the same venue as Vanilla Ice, Fat Trel, Papoose, Twiztid, and Lil Wyte. During his career, he participated in creating amazing songs for various artists, but now, he wants to go solo. His first song was created in just three hours, using a cheap microphone and Sony Acid Pro 4.0. You can listen to all his songs for free, by downloading from his website. His latest single “Therapy” is about the struggles of everyday life, and how everyone tells the artists that they should not take everything for granted, otherwise they will need serious therapy. The song was an instant success, and Vane Awdis decided to shoot a music video on the song. Together with artlifedrew studio, they have released a dope music video that has been critically claimed for its visuals. You can watch the music video on VABangerz YouTube channel, Vane Awdis official channel on YouTube.

If you want to have a blast, listen to Vane Awdis Therapy song.

About Vane Awdis:
Vane Awdis is a hip hop artist that has worked with multiple popular rappers.

Company Name: Vane Awdis