Global Payment Solution

Earn money as a showroom host.

FeedsFloor's Global Payment Solution enables showroom/expo hosts to earn money on exhibiting companies. FeedsFloor handles all receipts, invoices and transactions automatically. You merely have to input the price and send the link to the companies that wish to be shown, or simply wait for a company to press on your exhibit button.

How to set the fee

1. Insert the price under "MANAGE" at your showroom/expo page (in USD only) - (price excl. VAT, DK incl. VAT).

2. Share the page link with exhibitor, partner, sponsor etc.

3. The exhibitor logs in to FeedsFloor and pays with credit card.

4. You receive the money (the number of days varies, please see below).

FeedsFloor takes care of the rest incl. invoicing, receipts and transfers.

Transfer of fees

Digital showroom: 80% of the total fees are transferred to you after 2 months. This is in order to secure shown companies that they receive exposure.

Validated digital showroom: 85% of fees are transferred ad hoc to you. Only showroom hosts validated by FeedsFloor can receive ad hoc payments.

Others: Custom transfers as you like. Please contact us at to hear more.

Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions.