India Is Moving Towards Biofuels

The Govt. of India is targeting a huge push to use biofuels in India. According to the National Policy on Biofuels 2018, the government has placed an ambitious target of blending petrol with ethanol (20%) and diesel with biodiesel (5%) by the year 2030.  This move is not only expected to benefit the environment as these biofuels are considered green than the conventional variety, but it is also expected to bring down the countries forex bills. Petroleum product being the single largest purchase that the country does in the international market, even a small saving here would transform into large savings for the country.

Aware of this ambitious target, Excel Engineers & Consultants, India’s leading EPC company and widely recognized as the leading distillery plant manufacturer, bio-ethanol plant maker and a fermentation plant supplier, is all geared up to meet this challenge. 

Started by a chemical engineer about two decades ago, Excel Engineers & Consultant has till date commissioned over 150 projects in the field of the distillery, Biofuel, sugar, cogeneration, water, wastewater, and renewable energy industry.

However, its real strength lies as a distillery plant manufacturer, fermentation plant supplier and a bio-ethanol plant maker.

From a layman’s perspective, the first two are closely linked to the sugarcane and sugar manufacturing industry, while the latter is seen more like an emerging technology.

A distillery plant is used primarily by industries like pharmaceuticals, chemical, food agriculture for separating different varieties of liquids. It is a key process in an industry that is involved in alcohol production for industrial or consumption purpose. Excel Engineers and Consultants are known for developing a distillery plant that saves close to 15-20% of operating costs compared to the current plants, produces final products that qualifies the ENA requirements easily of most domestic and international bottlers, has the lowest maintenance cost and is flexible enough to use multiple feedstock based on the raw material availability and market demand. This makes Excel Engineers and Consultants India’s leading distillery plant manufacturer.

A fermentation plant is used essentially to manufacture high quality alcohol as the end product. Here, the raw material is generally sugarcane molasses, grains like barley, oats, etc or tubers like potato, tapioca or sweet potato. Irrespective of the raw material used, Excel Engineers and Consultants are recognized as the high-efficiency fermentation plant suppliers with maximum yields. They offer high gravity fermentation process that not only helps in producing high alcohol percentage but lowers effluent spent wash generation and also drastically saves energy consumed during the fermentation process.

Ethanol is produced from sugarcane juice, sugarcane molasses, and sweet sorghum. The ethanol produced is consumed in various industries like beverage, fuel and for various other industrial uses. Excel Engineers and Consultants are known for offering turnkey solutions in ethanol technology and designing, executing and getting bio-fuel plants operational for a lot of clients till now. The bio-fuel plants commissioned by Excel are known to be highly energy-efficient, reduce wastewater production and are very easy to maintain.

With a 30,000 square feet of own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit manned by highly skilled staff and supported by multiple partner units, Excel Engineers and Consultant have gathered experience of handling over 150 projects in the last two decades. It offers a complete solution right from site selections, installation, commission and maintenance of such large and small-sized plants across the country.

With India moving firmly towards biofuels in the coming years, Excel Engineers and Consultants are poised to benefit the most due to their early mover advantage and expertise in this industry.