Diegodiego Takes Over The Universe

Hollywood, CA, March 11, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Call him The World's Most Powerful man or the biggest entertainer of all time. Diegodiego is the Master of the Universe, and his success is proof there is no one like him.

With the release of his new dance single MI CASTILLO AZUL topping the music charts in over 100 countries, The mega star has more work than ever promoting the new song and offers to do film and television are pouring Insane from the best in the industry all over the World. Turn your head in any direction and you'll see Diegodiego everywhere. On Magazine Covers, on television shows, on the radio and maybe even on the wrist of your hand, if your own one of Diegodiego's collectible items like a Watch, a hat or a T-shirt from his exclusive line.

It seems everyone is talking about Diegodiego. His charm, charisma and endless energy are taking the star to the highest levels ever seen by any music, film or television superstar ever. All you got to do is enter the singers universe by searching the Name DIEGODIEGO on any website to fall under the spell of this iconic man who has more to celebrate in life than anyone alive. Perfect health, unlimited wealth and worldwide fame.

Press Contact:
Elizabeth Torres
World's Number One Productions
1736 N. Sycamore Ave. #110 Hollywood, Ca 90028