The CEO of FeedsFloor spoke in relation to WED 2015

In relation to Women Entrepreneurship Day 2015, Pernille Andersen the CEO of FeedsFloor spoke at an event arranged by Codher in Copenhagen around how to get more women into tech. Codher is a non-profit organization that is arranging coding courses for women (and men) to get more women into the world of tech.

The event also featured several other companies.

Heidi Lindegaard from IBM talked about how IBM supports startups and how companies use Watson to innovate and develop cognitive services.

DiggiPippi by Eva Fog, which is a social community for cool, digital girls at the school age, talked about the importance of parents letting their girls have tech items and how important it is that girls learn that it is okay to fail and try again when dealing with tech and computers. is a personlized music streaming app and the founder and CEO Olga Sklyar talked about the sacrifises you need to make in order to succeed as an entrepreneur

Pernille spoke about her way into coding, about the benefits of FeedsFloor and that it is important to think global from the beginning, when you launch new services or products. She also talked about being CEO and the mother of two and how important it is to have backup and support from your homeland, when you are in a leadership position.

We look forward to next year, again celebrating women all over the world who are going the entrepreneurial way!